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Annual Report Department of Mathematics and Statistics The University of Calgary 1986:04:01 - 1987:03:31
Jean Louis Legare and Edwin Seaborn, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Moving sawmill machinery to Little Red Deer settlement.
Provincial district nurses, Alberta.
Jean McKinley, district nurse at nurse's cottage, Hilda, Alberta.
Ella Thyne and Mrs. J. Field, Spurfield, Alberta.
Barbara Whittaker, district nurse on steps of nurse's cottage, Kinuso, Alberta.
Jeanie Clark, district nurse, with new car, Alberta.
Norah McCallum, district nurse, Alder Flats, Alberta.
Sheila Russell, district nurse, demonstrating health procedures, Edmonton, Alberta.
Kay Birdsall, district nurse behind nurse's house, Milo, Alberta.
Jean Blackbourne, district nurse, Hines Creek, Alberta.
District nurses in front of cabin, Alder Flats, Alberta.
Janet Munroe at district nurse's home, Kinuso, Alberta
Public health nurses and staff.
Edith Gavin, district nurse, in her office, Fawcett, Alberta.
Dorothy Smith, district health nurse.
Trucks on scow en route Slave Lake, Alberta.
Travelling clinic, Fort Assiniboine, Alberta.
Peace River pictures, Alberta.
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 9, no. 13 (October, 1939)