Group of North-West Mounted Police veterans at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Main street, Carmangay, Alberta.
Canadian Medical Association Garden party, Patrick Burns residence, Calgary, Alberta.
Petro-Canada towers during test to see if helicopters could be used for evacuation in the event of a fire, Calgary, Alberta.
Henri Gagnon and A. Aubin playing lacrosse, College Ste. Marie, Montreal, Quebec.
Portrait of Dick Cosgrave.
Aerial view of boat landing on the Slave River, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
58th Kite Balloon Company airship, possibly in France.
William J. Oliver in horse-drawn carriage, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police musical ride, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police launch, the 'Calgary', Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Flood at Rosthern, Saskatchewan.
Henri Gagnon, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police barracks, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Henri Gagnon (right) and J. de G. Audette, 'G' Company, 69th Battalion (French Canadians), probably overseas.
The gunners, 69th Battalion (French Canadians), probably at Valcartier, Quebec.
View of town from the west, Fort Chipewyan, Alberta.
Suzanne Gagnon and her mother Helen Gagnon in Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Helen Gagnon with baby Suzanne Gagnon and Mitts the dog, Regina, Saskatchewan.
St. Ninian's Church, Gretna, Scotland.
Aerial view of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
The Glenn cabin on Charlton Bay, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.
The Gagnon family's Christmas tree, Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Gagnon family house, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Helen Gagnon on 'Billy' the horse, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Trumpeter Terry, 'F' Division, North-West Mounted Police, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
The Gagnons on their front steps, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories
Aerial view of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Drying fish, Royal Canadian Mounted Police post, Hay River, Northwest Territories.
Helen Johnston on the day she became engaged, Gretna, Scotland.
Henri Gagnon and members of the 23rd Reserve, serving in Scotland.
College Ste. Marie hockey champions, Montreal, Quebec.
Suzanne Gagnon and her father Henri Gagnon, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Helen Johnston and Henri Gagnon on their wedding day, Gretna, Scotland.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment, Fort Providence, Northwest Territories
Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment, Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories.
Officers of the 19th Belgian Infantry regiment, probably in France.
Ruins of old Fort Reliance, Northwest Territories.
Tennis courts, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Dominion Day celebrations, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Emma Royal Gagnon's apartment, Montreal, Quebec.
Sled dog puppies on their kennel, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Winners of the Rifle League, North-West Mounted Police, 'F' Division, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
The cache of John Hornby at Pike's Portage, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.
Cricket eleven, North-West Mounted Police, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Suzanne Gagnon wrapped in caribou in a cariole, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.
Fred Bird family in car, Bergen, Alberta.
Deerfoot, Blackfoot runner.
This was 'Cappy' Smart, Calgary's first Fire Chief for 35 years.
Dr. Edward M. Sharpe, 1862-1947.
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