Marion Moodie in operating room of General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Margaret Amelia Moodie, teacher, Calgary, Alberta.
Henry 'Cappy' Cheal and son Bill in front of Mission Repair shop, Calgary, Alberta.
View of Calgary, Alberta.
Miss Margaret Moodie and friend out for a drive in a horse-drawn carriage, Calgary, Alberta.
Inspector C.H. West, of the North West Mounted Police, Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta.
View of Calgary, Alberta.
Marion E. Moodie, Calgary, Alberta.
Peter Redpath, governor and benefactor of McGill University and founder of the museum, library and chair of mathematics which bear his name : with historical notice of the Peter Redpath Museum
James F. M. Moodie Co. camp at Dundas No. 1 well, Coutts area, Alberta.
The Hall No. 1 well, Coutts area, Alberta.
Anglo-Indian No. 1 well, Coutts area, Alberta.
The Somerville No. 1 well, Coutts area, Alberta.
Dundas No. 1 well, Coutts area, Alberta.
Dundas No. 1 well, Coutts area, Alberta.
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 11, no. 4 (March, 1941). Supplement
Forty-four years with the northern Crees
Rosedale coal mine, Rosedale, Alberta.
Frank Moodie feeding three bears, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Lucy Moodie, Calgary, Alberta.
Moodie family home, Calgary, Alberta.
Portrait of Frank Moodie, Calgary, Alberta.
Frank Moodie holding daughter, Peggy Moodie outside their home in Calgary, Alberta.
Flare at Turner Valley, Alberta.
Frank Moodie and friend panning for gold, Cranbrook area, British Columbia.
A bibliography of Canada's peoples, 1980-1989
Frank Moodie aged 3 or 4, Ontario.
Men feeding a bear while Frank Moodie looks on, Banff National Park, Alberta.
'Wake Up, Canada!' political cartoon created by Frank Moodie for his election campaign, Calgary, Alberta.
Frank Moodie in car with children Peggy and Norman, Calgary, Alberta.
Lucy Moodie with dog, Calgary, Alberta.
Frank Moodie graduating from Mt. Hermon School, Massachusetts.
Frank Moodie prospecting in the Drumheller area, Alberta.
Portrait of J.F. Moodie, Calgary, Alberta.
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