View of Chautauqua tent, Preeceville, Saskatchewan.
Harvest scene, Camrose district, Alberta.
Chautauqua at Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua at Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua at Toronto, Ontario.
Chautauqua tent, Western Canada.
Audience leaving Chautauqua tent, Lampman, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua performers, Western Canada.
Performers preparing for Chautauqua appearance, Western Canada.
'R.O.P.' Chautauqua performer, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua group going through customs, United States to Canada.
Dr. Minnuchick, Chautauqua performer, western Canada.
Bobbie Cumming, Chautauqua performer, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua performers dancing a minuet, Bradford, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua parade, town on Western prairies, Canada.
Captain Wood Briggs, lecturer on Canadian Chautauquas.
Chautauqua group near Macklin, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua performers, Alaska.
Serbians, Chautauqua performers, Alaska.
Members of Chautauqua group at Wrangell, Alaska.
Ken Mackenzie, circuit manager, Western Canada.
Interior view of Chautauqua tent, Western Canada.
Chautauqua personnel, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
J.M. Erickson, Chautauqua manager, at convention, Grant Hall, Brandon, Manitoba.
Maria Matyas, Chautauqua artist.
'Dollie', western Canada.
Chautauqua performer, Western Canada.
Chautauqua performer, Western Canada.
Chautauqua tent at Harris, Saskatchewan.
Independent Order of Oddfellows group in Chautauqua parade, Pilot Mound, Manitoba.
Florence Tory, Chautauqua director, outside tent.
Second day Chautauqua performers at Abbey, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua performers delving into costume trunk, Saskatchewan.
Florence Tory, Chautauqua director, Western Canada.
George F. Brisbain, Chautauqua tent man, Alberta.
Chautauqua performers, Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan.
Junior Chautauqua at Vilna, Alberta.
Junior Chautauqua at Reston, Manitoba.
Chautauqua personnel, Western Canada.
Amusements of Chautauqua staff, Prieceville, Saskatchewan.
Chautauqua performers with loaded car, Wilkie area, Saskatchewan.
Performers on Prairie Sixes circuit.
Chautauqua workers, western Canada.
Chautauqua personnel, Western Canada.
Group of Chautauqua talent and workers, Alberta.
'The Sunshine Girls', Chautauqua performers.
Herbert Petrie Quintette, Chautauqua performers.
Lethe Coleman, Chautauqua booker, platform manager and lecturer.
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