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William Dunlop's homestead, Thorsby area, Alberta.
David Ross and family, Thorsby, Alberta.
Joe Hoffman boating with sisters.
Bill Coughlin with dead ducks.
Hunters on main street, Thorsby, Alberta.
Wheat crop on Bill Coughlin's farm, Telfordville area, Alberta.
Moving Falconer School, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Students at Telfordville school, Telfordville, Alberta.
People sitting in 1927 Chevrolet automobile, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dunlop in automobile, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Wedding of Harold and Nancy Gulde.
Sarcee camp, Calgary, Alberta.
'A' Company cook house, Sarcee camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Insignia of the 138th battalion, Sarcee Army Camp, Calgary, Alberta.
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visiting Edmonton, Alberta.
Mike Bittner family moving to Fruitland, Calmar area, Alberta.
Residents at fair, Thorsby, Alberta.
Picnic group, Mike Bittner family, Thorsby, Alberta.
Mike Bittner and family going to town by democrat, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Mrs. Bittner and grandchildren, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Julius Scheetz and children, Thorsby, Alberta.
Fruitland school, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Road-making on Strawberry hill, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Bernard Green butchering a hog, Thorsby, Alberta.
Adolph Ollenberg and family at Michigan Centre, Alberta.
Sam Ollenberg riding Belgian horse, Thorsby, Alberta.
Private William Ollenberg of Thorsby area, Alberta.
First business men, Thorsby, Alberta.
Girl guide group, Thorsby, Alberta.
Senior citizens at birthday party, Thorsby, Alberta.
Hunter with dead cougar (mountain lion), Thorsby, Alberta.
Hunters and game, Thorsby, Alberta.
Flooded streets, Thorsby, Alberta.
Flooded road, Thorsby area, Alberta.
Men at drugstore, Thorsby, Alberta.
Men at drugstore, Thorsby, Alberta.
Men outside farm machinery store, Thorsby, Alberta.
Doctor Meyers Hankin, Thorsby, Alberta.
Joseph Ruzicka, Thorsby, Alberta.
Thorsby Hotel, Thorsby, Alberta.
Boy and automobile, Thorsby, Alberta.
Outdoor cribbage finals, Thorsby, Alberta.
Canadian National Railways locomotive 3721, Burlington, Ontario.
Harvest scene, Wetaskiwin district, Alberta.
Lyle Tackaberry, Calgary, Alberta.
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