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Classroom in high school, Calgary, Alberta.
Balmoral School, Calgary, Alberta.
First community picnic, De Bolt, Alberta.
De Bolt float at bridge opening, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Opening of bridge across the Big Smoky River, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Bridge across the Big Smoky River, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Students and teacher at school, De Bolt, Alberta.
Wedding of Jack and Hilda Mitchell, De Bolt, Alberta.
David Ratzlaff transporting meat, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Boys boating on Mehlum Creek, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Ray and Harvey Pellerin threshing grain, De Bolt area, Alberta.
David Harrington treating grain with formaldehyde, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Arrival of team at Lathwell's farm, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Field day at De Bolt, Alberta.
Men pushing wagon, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Settlers moving to De Bolt area, Alberta.
Threshing outfit at Mehlum's farm, De Bolt area, Alberta.
George Le Page and Ed Mehlum binding grain, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Trappers with winter's catch, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Flooded road, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Damming a creek, De Bolt, Alberta.
Jim Hughson preparing ice for the summer, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Cree man and dog team at Sturgeon Heights, Alberta.
Children with moose at Sturgeon Heights School, De Bolt area, Alberta.
Students at Dominion Day celebration, De Bolt, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. McArthur, Sturgeon Heights, Alberta.
Cree women and children at Sturgeon Lake, Alberta.
Child riding a stick horse, Sturgeon Lake, Alberta.
Gerald and Betty Groves with covered wagon, Champion, Alberta.
Nita Taylor and Mary White, Crooked Creek, Alberta.
De Bolt citizens on trip to Beaverlodge, Alberta.
De Bolt citizens at experimental station, Beaverlodge, Alberta.
Beef club achievement day, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Joe Newman, Senior, with Model T Ford automobile, Goodwin area, Alberta.
Alphonse Plante's covered sleigh, entering the Peace River area, Alberta.
Junior Red Cross parade, De Bolt, Alberta.
Weber family leaving for Peace River area from Blackie, Alberta.
Morrison-Sargent bus, Peace River area, Alberta.
Laura and Elbert De Bolt.
Bucking horse event at stampede, De Bolt, Alberta.
Group at community hall, De Bolt, Alberta.
Community hall, De Bolt, Alberta.
Theatrical group, De Bolt, Alberta.
Men's curling team, De Bolt, Alberta.
Mrs. Moore, wife of Charlie, with son Maurice at homestead, Haper Creek, Alberta.
Cabin and post office De Bolt, Alberta.
Breaking land on the Mehlum homestead, De Bolt, Alberta.
Ed Mehlum and members of De Bolt family at De Bolt, Alberta.
Charlie Moore and sons, De Bolt, Alberta.
Marvin and Maurice Moore, De Bolt, Alberta.
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