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Albert Walton house, Lone Butte, Alberta.
Group of cowboys at Hand Hills Stampede, Alberta.
Group of cowboys at Hand Hills Stampede, Alberta.
Group of cowboys at Hand Hills Stampede, Alberta.
McCormick implement dealers, Hanna, Alberta.
Cowboy on bucking horse at Cheyenne, [possibly Cheyenne county, Montana].
Margaret M. L. Vaughan.
Family with baby in home-made coffin.
Provincial Organization of Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Alberta, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.
Interior of Dominion Land office, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Pidherney, Hemaruka, Alberta.
Alex McKellar and family, Mitchell, Ontario.
Members of Zurcher family on way to school, Philips, Oregon.
Laying cornerstone of school, Hanna, Alberta.
Automobiles behind store, Grand Bend, Ontario.
Soldier and his wife.
Soldier with the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Royal Canadian Regiment band, France.
Hanna, Alberta.
Hanna, Alberta.
Union Bank of Canada, Hanna, Alberta.
National Hotel, Hanna, Alberta.
National Hotel, Hanna, Alberta.
Public high school, Hanna, Alberta.
Roman Catholic church, Hanna, Alberta.
Hanna versus Edmonton hockey game, Hanna, Alberta.
Prize decorated car in war-time parade, Hanna, Alberta.
Ernest, Roy and Charles Eade, Hanna, Alberta.
Alfalfa and vegetables grown by J.A. McDonald, Hanna, Alberta.
George Hutchison on steps of city hall, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Alps School, Hanna area, Alberta.
First school being moved to new site for use as a church, Hanna area, Alberta.
School children in front of theatre, Hanna, Alberta.
Wiese school, Hanna area, Alberta.
Marker placed by settler, Hanna area, Alberta.
Steveville, Alberta.
Andrew Anderson ploughing at Stanmore, Alberta.
Hans Zachariasen homestead, Stanmore area, Alberta.
Hanna, Alberta.
Water wagon, Hanna, Alberta.
Berry Creek well No.1, Hanna, Alberta.
Lantern hung on tree, Hanna, Alberta.
All Saints Anglican Church, Hanna, Alberta.
Curlers at Bonspiel, Hanna, Alberta.
Four old-time cowboys, Hanna, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Fitzsimmons, Hanna, Alberta.
Henry E. Quaschnick and cousin Henry later settled in Hanna, Alberta.
Edwards family, Cobden, Ontario.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnston and daughter Nettie.
Johnston children, Calgary, Alberta.
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