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Kanadiiski visty. Vol. 01, no. 29 (September, 1914)
Thomas Eade band, Hanna, Alberta.
Main street, Youngstown, Alberta.
Six horse team at Stanmore, Alberta.
Vitomen Foods loaded on Canadian National Railways freight car.
4th Avenue, looking west, Hanna, Alberta.
Members of Hiltbrandt family, after cleaning the barn, Scotfield area, Alberta.
Martha Hiltbrandt seated in buggy, Hanna area, Alberta.
School children at Burns School, north of Scotfield, Alberta.
Sunday gathering outside Burns School, Scotfield area, Alberta.
Ladies aid group, Burns School, north of Scotfield, Alberta.
Mrs. Sutton and her home, Scotfield area, Alberta.
Gust Weherer family outside sod-banked dwelling, Scotfield, Alberta.
Soccer team, north of Scotfield, Alberta.
Dominion Lands Office, Hanna, Alberta.
Vera Barrs Baldwin, second teacher at Wistena School, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Barney Connor and George Connell, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Alex McNab in automobile, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Cutting wheat, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Combine in field, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Harburn and Rutherford's threshing crew, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Close-up view of Harburn and Rutherford's threshing crew, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Main street, Richdale, Alberta.
Des Jardine's homestead residence, Richdale area, Alberta.
Leo Brainard with covered wagon, Richdale area, Alberta.
Brainard's steam engine, Richdale area, Alberta.
Lee Brainard and granddaughter, Frances, Brainard, Alberta.
Stanmore, Alberta.
Mrs Jessie Warwick beside well, Stanmore, Alberta.
Mrs. Olive Grant Moore, public health nurse, next to well in Stanmore, Alberta.
Oxen pulling wagon load of lumber, Carlstadt, Alberta.
H. J. Stevens and Company seeding outfit, Carlstadt, Alberta.
Residential district, Castor, Alberta.
J. Woods and friend in horse-drawn buggy leaving Castor for Coronation, Alberta.
Interior of town office, Hanna, Alberta.
Coronation Creamery truck beside sod house, Spondin area, Alberta.
Motor-truck picking up cream for creamery at Coronation, Alberta.
Spondin Creamery, Spondin, Alberta.
Moving Spondin Creamery to Hanna, Alberta.
Reverand C.S. and Mrs.Finkbinder, Spondin, Alberta.
Verna and Freda Gottschalk, Spondin, Alberta.
Ruby Harburn, Delisle, Saskatchewan.
Barrs-Baldwin wedding party, Delisle, Saskatchewan.
Excavation of dinosaur skeleton in Drumheller, Alberta.
Jock Scott's car at ferry, Steveville, Alberta.
Beaver Lumber Company Limited, yard, Hanna, Alberta.
Group outside of post office, Wardlow, Alberta.
Dipping vat for cattle in Byemoor area, Alberta.
Group in cable ferry box, Empress, Alberta.
Gathering at community centre, Garden Plain, Alberta.
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