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Post office, Calgary, Alberta.
George Latham, Alberta.
Burning waste gas, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Front elevation drawing of New Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of G. H. and J. L. Johnston, Calgary, Alberta.
Imperial Bank of Canada building, Calgary, Alberta.
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
'Map of part of the North West Territory including the province of Manitoba exhibiting the several tracts of country ceded by the Indian Treaties 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7'.
'Topographical Survey of Canada. Banff sheet'.
'Part of the map of the City of Calgary'.
Hand-drawn map of Midnapore, Alberta.
'Map of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway, the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railway, and Spokane International Railway and Connections'.
Harvesting, Winnipeg area, Manitoba.
Northern Alberta Metis trapper in winter costume.
Colonel J. Ford Kent, U.S. 3rd Infantry regiment and Lord Lorne at Fort Shaw, Montana, USA.
Emmanuel College, at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Cree tipi on the Saskatchewan plains.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
View of Red Deer River, looking southeast from Lorne's Crossing, Alberta.
Lord Lorne's party on south bank of Red Deer River, looking southwest, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway survey camp on Skeena River, British Columbia.
Stone fort at Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Camp of Red River hunters on the spring buffalo hunt in Dakota Territory.
Interior of a Cree lodge near the present Nipawin, Saskatchewan.
North West Company's beaver token.
Rocky Mountain Development Company drilling rig, Waterton area, Alberta.
Angus Sparrow's residence, Calgary, Alberta.
Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Sketches of Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Riel Rebellion telegram from C. Shields in Medicine Hat, Alberta to J. M. Egan.
Parfleche accompanying letter to King George V.
Riel Rebellion telegram, written from Medicine Hat.
Riel Rebellion telegram, written from Medicine Hat.
Medal presented to Alberta school children, front view.
Orwat and wife, Quatsino Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia. Kwakiutl Kwakwaka'wakw) tribe.
Deerfoot, Blackfoot runner
Hudson's Bay Company beaver token coins.
Red Crow, head chief of the Bloods.
Coal mine, Number 3 shaft, Lethbridge, Alberta.
H. Bentley and Company store, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Plan of Fort Normandeau at Red Deer River crossing, Alberta.
Louis Riel.
Inside the pallisades, Fort Edmonton, Alberta.
Horse herd in southern Alberta.
Front page of Calgary Tribune, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of The Eye Opener, Calgary, Alberta.
Portion of map presented by Peter Pond to Empress of Russia.
Archdeacon Cecil Swanson, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
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