Vitomen Foods loaded on Canadian National Railways freight car.
Main street, Youngstown, Alberta.
Six horse team at Stanmore, Alberta.
Canadian National Railways locomotive 3577, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Thomas Eade band, Hanna, Alberta.
Harry Tait grocery, Edmonton, Alberta.
Harry Tait Grocery, Edmonton, Alberta.
Group of cowboys at Hand Hills Stampede, Alberta.
Steveville, Alberta.
Excavation of dinosaur skeleton in Drumheller, Alberta.
Leischner and Faechner heading outfit, Odessa, Washington.
Arnold Golley's car, Hanna area, Alberta.
Mr. Gilbert McFadyen with bagpipes, Hanna, Alberta.
Municipal Hospital, Hanna, Alberta.
Soldier and his wife.
Man driving two horse wagon beside barn, Hanna area, Alberta.
Moving Knutson house to Hiltbrandt farm, Scotfield area, Alberta.
Cutbanks south-east of Hanna, Alberta.
Close-up view of Harburn and Rutherford's threshing crew, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Ruby Harburn, Delisle, Saskatchewan.
Cowboy on bucking horse at Cheyenne, [possibly Cheyenne county, Montana].
Matt and Alice O'Reilly and their son, Louis O'Reilly. Sunnynook, Alberta.
Residential street, Youngstown, Alberta.
Couple cutting potatoes for seed, Hanna area, Alberta.
John Corry and son Clifford in Hanna area, Alberta.
Cowboy on rearing horse, east of Hanna, Alberta.
Hiltbrandt house and barn on homestead, north of Scotfield, Alberta.
Grain elevators, Hanna, Alberta.
Agricultural machinery lined up on road, Hanna area, Alberta.
Smudge for flies on J.W.Taylor farm, Garden Plain area, Alberta.
First mail truck from Hanna to rural areas, Alberta.
Rural school-house, southern Alberta.
Laundry drying on a fence, Hanna area, Alberta.
Chevrolet automobile, Hanna area, Alberta.
Andrew Portfors, Finnish emigrant to Canada.
Miss Jean Golley, Hanna area, Alberta.
Moving Spondin Creamery to Hanna, Alberta.
Hanna, Alberta.
School picnic, Hanna area, Alberta.
First annual celebration of Orange Association of British America, Hanna, Alberta.
Alex McKellar and family, Mitchell, Ontario.
First passenger train through Hanna, Alberta.
Small delapidated barn, Hanna area, Alberta.
Schoolhouse, Corinne school district, Hanna area, Alberta.
Barney Connor and George Connell, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Alps School, Hanna area, Alberta.
Mrs. Olive Grant Moore, public health nurse, next to well in Stanmore, Alberta.
Deserted Bar falling over, Hanna area, Alberta.
Ferg James, Hanna, Alberta.
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Pidherney, Hemaruka, Alberta.
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