Pisquapita (Hair in knot), Cree, Calgary, Alberta.
Red Deer Lake School house, Alberta.
Snow-covered lake in Rocky Mountains.
Truck, D. R. Fraser Company, Limited, Edmonton, Alberta.
Narrow gauge locomotive of North Western Coal and Navigation Company, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway yards, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
W. Hanson Boorne, pioneer Calgary, Alberta, photographer.
Setukkomuccon (Jim Big Plume), Sarcee (Tsuut'ina).
End of track, Kicking Horse River, British Columbia.
St. Mary's rectory and church and Sacred Heart convent, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of the original English Mission Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Elliott Torrance Galt, Lethbridge pioneer.
Mount Inglismaldie and Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Cranbrook old custom house, Kootenay, British Columbia.
Looking east along Bow River with North West Mounted Police post at centre, Calgary, Alberta.
Steamship 'The Northern Light' on Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta.
Mount Stephen House and express train, Field, British Columbia.
Canadian Pacific Railway over Mountain Creek, British Columbia.
Steamship 'Lily', under construction.
Sasakiu and family, Sarcee (Tsuut'ina), in camp.
Students of Red Deer Lake School, Alberta.
Work on Baillie-Grohman canal between Columbia Lake and Kootenay River, British Columbia.
View of Calgary, Alberta.
Chinese section men on handcars, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Gauntlet, Volume 024, Number 007
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 012, Number 005
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 012, Number 007
University of Calgary Fact Book 1990–91
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 012, Number 002
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 012, Number 010
Gauntlet, Volume 026, Number 018
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Gauntlet, Volume 026, Number 027
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A bibliography of Canada's peoples, 1980-1989
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 2, no. 2 (February, 1932)
Gauntlet, Volume 027, Number 022
Gauntlet, Volume 027, Number 019
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