Reverend John Mclean, first Anglican Bishop of Saskatchewan.
Plan of the Town of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
Cartoon from 'The Grain Growers Guide'.
Cartoon from 'The Grain Growers Guide'.
Colonel Charles R. L. d'I de Salaberry, commission investigating Metis troubles.
Section of map showing valley of Red Deer River, Alberta.
Front page of 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Geological map of a portion of Rupert's Land, by Henry Y, Hind.
Lee's Lake, southern Alberta.
Henry Youle Hind expedition crossing the Roseau River, Quebec.
Henry Youle Hind, geologist of the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition.
Hudson's Bay Company voyageurs at portage on trip from Lake Winnipeg to York Factory.
Section of geological map showing region in vicinity of Bow River and Red Deer River, Alberta.
Advertisement for the Sharp and Irvine Investment Company, Spokane, USA.
Cartoon from 'The Grain Growers' Guide'.
Ranch brands printed in Macleod Gazette newspaper.
Canadian Pacific Railway sleeping car advertisement.
War chief of the Chilcat with family.
Mounted Policeman on rearing horse
Parfleche accompanying letter to King George V.
Front page of The Eye Opener, Calgary, Alberta.
Swathing with three horse team near Calgary, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
James W. Tyrrell.
Cartoon, 'The Only Drawback'.
Map of Calgary Showing street names.
Old Susan', Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw).
Buffalo bones on the prairie.
St. Boniface Cathedral, Red River settlement, Manitoba.
View of Red Deer River, looking southeast from Lorne's Crossing, Alberta.
View of the Peace River, Alberta.
Northern Alberta Metis trapper in winter costume.
Hudson's Bay Company fur pack.
View of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Design for school.
Cover of promotional brochure 'Calgary, Canada'.
Edward Whymper.
View of mountains and foothills, Alberta.
Emmanuel College, at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
View of Chief Mountain, Montana, USA.
Cree trappers in York Factory area.
Cartoon from 'The Grain Growers Guide'.
Cattle brand registration of J. D. Higinbotham.
Cartoon from 'The Grain Growers Guide'.
Map of North America.
Sir Martin Frobisher.
Cartoon on grief caused to Calgary through graft in erection of new City Hall.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
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