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Ferry across Peace River near Dunvegan, Alberta.
Members of mobile clinic team at camp site, Peace River area, Alberta.
Nurse bathing child, Peace River area, Alberta.
Members of mobile health clinic in front of vehicles, Edmonton, Alberta.
Nurses of mobile clinic, Peace River area, Alberta.
Main street, Wakaw, Saskatchewan.
Doctor R.G. Scott, Wakaw, Saskatchewan.
Home of Doctor R.G. Scott, Wakaw, Saskatchewan.
Staff outside Anna Turnbull memorial hospital, Wakaw, Saskatchewan.
Group during spring house-cleaning at hospital, Wakaw, Saskatchewan.
Patients in ward of Canadian hospital, Orpington, England.
Nurses Conner and Massey in bathing suits, Paris Plage beach, France.
Interior of French hospital, Etaples, France.
Red Cross ward, Canadian hospital, France.
Soldiers at hospital in France.
Staff of number 2 Canadian casualty clearing station, Poperinge, Belgium.
Number 6 Ambulance concert party, Poperinge, Belgium.
Nurses and army personnel on boat returning to Canada.
Airship in France.
Edward, Prince of Wales in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Arrival of first train, Fairview, Alberta.
Arrival of first train, Fairview, Alberta.
Nurse McKenzie outside Waterhole Hospital, Peace River, Alberta.
Fairview, Alberta.
Arrival of first train, Fairview, Alberta.
X-ray department, Tuxedo Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Nurse N. Carter, graduate of General Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Nurses en route overseas, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Ninety nurses outside Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario.
Number 14 Canadian hospital, Eastbourne, England.
Nursing sisters at Canadian hospital, Eastbourne, England.
Nurse Joy Veals leaving Norway House, Manitoba.
Catholic Church, Rossville, Manitoba.
Nurse Margaret McKay arriving at Norway House, Manitoba.
Nurse Dorothy Erskine with patients, Norway House, Manitoba.
Doctor and Mrs. Murie, Norway House, Manitoba.
Doctor Jake Dyck with patient students at United Church residential school, Norway House, Manitoba.
Mealtime at First Nations residential school, Norway House, Manitoba.
Constable Jack Barrie cutting hair at Royal Canadian Mounted Police post, Norway House, Manitoba.
Sergeant Pete Sewchuk and George Campbell at nurses' residence, Norway House, Manitoba.
Hudson's Bay Company store, Rossville, Manitoba.
Red Cross outpost, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Twin babies, Edward and Wilfred Dyck, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Log cabin at Loon Lake Red Cross outpost, Saskatchewan.
Nurses and domestics at Red Cross Hospital, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Nurse Dorothy Tansley and sister, Irene, beside ox team, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Nurses seated on muskeg near Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Jean Nichol, matron of hospital, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
En route, Regina and Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
Mrs. Angus Sweet ironing in cabin, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.
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