Grain elevator fire, Wapella, Saskatchewan.
Advanced stage of grain elevator fire, Wapella, Saskatchewan.
Advanced stage of grain elevator fire, Wapella, Saskatchewan.
Mortlach, Saskatchewan.
Western Hotel, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Parliament building, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Gardens worked by pupils of public school, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Grain elevator fire, Wapella, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 3229, Victoria, British Columbia.
Watermelon feed, Crescent Lake, Saskatchewan.
Physical drill class at Lang, Saskatchewan.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Main Street, Leslie, Saskatchewan.
Interior of Bucsis house, Hungarian settlers at Otthon, Saskatchewan.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Grose, Lanigan, Saskatchewan.
Junior room at school, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Mortlach, Saskatchewan.
Harold C. Grose, druggist and teacher, Lanigan, Saskatchewan.
D. Lewis and family outside log home, Tufnell, Saskatchewan.
Fourth Avenue, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Hunters and dogs with coyotes killed near Lang, Saskatchewan.
Pupils ready to work in school garden, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Coyotes killed near Lang, Saskatchewan.
Physical education at Lang, Saskatchewan.
University building, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Brass band, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Girls doing physical drill class with flags at Lang, Saskatchewan.
Land Titles building, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Garden party at Waldron, Saskatchewan.
Arrival of first train at Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Junior ice hockey team, Lanigan, Saskatchewan.
Town Hall, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Pupils with horse-drawn cutters outside school stable, Briar Mound, Saskatchewan.
Catholic church, Lebret, Saskatchewan.
Zealandia, Saskatchewan.
Interior of Fountain school, Sheho, Saskatchewan.
H. C. Grose, in band costume, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Mortlach, Saskatchewan.
Ess-essers, Sunday school group, Lanigan, Saskatchewan.
Kormos home, Hungarian settlers at Otthon, Saskatchewan.
School girls after tennis practise, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Fountain school, Sheho, Saskatchewan.
Charlie Waddington, remittance man, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Main Street, Lang, Saskatchewan.
Bull's bridge near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Class doing physical exercises at Lang, Saskatchewan.
Anna Turnbull Memorial Hostpital, Wakaw, Saskatchewan.
Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.
Canadian Pacific Railway station, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.
Pupils at East Otthon school, Saskatchewan.
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