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Architectural drawing of Labour Temple, Calgary, Alberta.
Drawing of Cushing Brothers Company Limited plant, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Milling Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Empress Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Crown Soaps, Calgary, Alberta.
Drawing of Great West Liquor Company Limited building, Calgary, Alberta.
John Steinbrecker, Calgary, Alberta.
Centre Street Bridge across Bow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Sentinel well and bridge across Sheep Creek, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
'Lethbridge Sheet, West of Fourth Meridian'.
'Porcupine Sheet, West of Fifth Meridian'.
'Map showing irrigated lands of The Canadian North West Irrigation Company in southern Alberta'.
'Plan of the Town of Calgary being parts of Sec's 14, 15 & 16, Tp 24, Rge 1 West of 5th I.M. south of Bow River'.
Annual report of the Department of Public Health, Province of Alberta. 1937
A colony of prairie dogs in Montana, USA.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
View of Chief Mountain and Waterton River, Alberta.
Henry Youle Hind's expedition.
Ojibwa camp near falls of Rainy River, Manitoba.
Advertisement for Calgary made film, 'Back to God's Country'.
Fort Owen on Bitteroot River, Montana.
Milk River near its confluence with the Missouri.
Rocky Mountain Development Company camp, Waterton area, Alberta.
Residence of W. B. Barwis, Calgary, Alberta.
Letter sent by Blackfoot man to King George V.
A Quatsino grandfather, British Columbia.
Coal mine, Number 3 shaft, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Item on Lacrosse from Calgary Herald.
Plan of the Town of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
Cartoon on inefficiency of police service, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of 'The Farmers Tribune'.
Chief Thomas Mackie, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of Alberta Tribune, Calgary, Alberta.
Advertisements for Denny Estate lots, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page from 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Elbow River, Alberta.
Observations, 1883-1976
University of Calgary Fact Book 1990–91
University of Calgary Fact Book 1991–92
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