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Assessment of emerging technologies for future navigation systems in the Canadian transportation sector
Magrath, AB., Bylaws, 1939
Magrath, AB., Bylaws, 1940
Magrath, AB., Bylaws, 1942
Magrath, AB., Bylaws, 1949
Magrath, AB., Bylaws, 1956
Magrath, AB., Bylaws, 1989
Cowboys at round-up camp, southern Alberta.
J. A. W. Fraser ranch, Little Jumping Pound, Alberta.
E. J. Callaway grinding grain by horse-powered treadmill, Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
Threshing on Callaway ranch, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
Threshing crew with thresher, Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
Group at Brushy Ridge school picnic, Cochrane area, Alberta.
First automobile in Cochrane, Alberta.
Mail wagon, Springbank, Alberta.
John Bateman ranch, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
John Bateman, rancher at Jumping Pound, Alberta.
John Bateman family, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
John Bateman family, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
XC Ranch house, Little Jumping Pound, Alberta.
Children with calves, Jumping Pound area, Alberta.
Private Geoffrey Bateman, 28th Battalion, 2nd Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Fred Gladwin, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
Community hall, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
Jim Bateman, mail carrier at post office, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
Post office, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
Stampede at Beaupre, Cochrane area, Alberta.
Edith Edge, teacher at Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
Wilbert and Norman Edge scrubbing cattle for mange, Mitford, Alberta.
Charlie Robinson and Wilbert Edge on Edge ranch, Mitford, Alberta.
Frank Ricks' ranch, Jumping Pound area, Alberta.
Norman Edge, rancher, Cochrane area, Alberta.
Norman Edge, beside Edge ranch house, Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
Oliver Edge on 'Jonas Ryder', Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Sykes Robinson competing at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Frank Ricks, bronco buster and rancher, Cochrane, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Mickle, Mission Valley Ranch, near Cochrane, Alberta.
E. J. Callaway, farm house and out-buildings, Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
E. J. Callaway family, Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
E. J. Callaway family at farm house, Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Callaway, homesteaders at Brushy Ridge, Alberta.
Mrs. Jamieson, wife of Alexander.
Stuart home, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
Cowboys at Jumping Pound, Alberta.
John Bateman, Irish settler, Jumping Pound area, Alberta.
Walter Ricks, Cochrane area, Alberta.
Mrs. Bateman, wife of John.
James Potts, settler at Morley, Alberta.
Isabelle Ricks, wife of Frank, from the Cochrane area, Alberta.
Mrs. Jessie Potts, Morley, Alberta.
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