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Bamfield Marine Station facts and figures
A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County
Catalogue of books in the Free Public Library of Victoria city
Citizens on Stephen Avenue (8th Avenue), Calgary.
Roman Catholic Mission, St. Albert, Alberta.
Rapids of Bow River at The Gap, Alberta.
Lower canyon, Kicking Horse River, British Columbia.
Kananaskis Lake, Alberta.
Montreal Garrison Artillery in camp near Regina, Saskatchewan.
North-West Mounted Police barracks, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Mount Stephen tunnel, British Columbia.
Canadian Pacific Railway private car used by O.B. Buell.
Pumping plant used for irrigation of wheat.
Workmen filling wire crates, for protection against scour, Bassano dam, Alberta.
Counterweights opening spillway gates of Bassano Dam on Bow River, Alberta.
Top of spillway on Bassano Dam, Bow River, Alberta.
Completing junction of earthen dam and spillway at Bassano Dam on Bow River, Alberta.
Blocking Bow River's route through Bassano Dam, Alberta.
Water level rising at Bassano Dam site on Bow River, Alberta.
Completing bottom part of spillway during construction of Bassano Dam on Bow River, Alberta.
Workers finishing form during construction of Bassano Dam on Bow River, Alberta.
Worker operating portable pile driver during construction of Bassano Dam, Alberta.
Construction of Bassano Dam on Bow River, Alberta.
Baffle blocks in place on Bassano Dam, Bow River, Alberta.
Filling borrow pits, north of Bantry, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway dam on Bow River, Bassano, Alberta.
Draining west borrow pits through Matoko fill, Eastern Irrigation District, Alberta.
Temporary dam in front of Bantry headgates, Eastern Irrigation District, Alberta.
Filling borrow pits with 'V' ditcher, lateral 'R' North Bantry irrigation system, Alberta.
Water master's headquarters, Patricia reservation, eastern irrigation section, Alberta.
Filling borrow pits with tailboard scraper, lateral 'G', North Bantry, Alberta.
Driving piles for timber check, east branch canal station, 397 + 50, Alberta.
Antelope Creek syphon, eastern irrigation section, southern Alberta.
Pipes for culvert in spillway 'F', Bassano, Alberta.
Hydraulic fill work, flume number 2, East Branch canal, Alberta.
Construction of irrigation canal headgates, Spring Hill, southern Alberta.
Control drop, Spring Hill Canal, Alberta.
Guniting rock fill paving between spillway and intake of aqueduct, eastern irrigation system, southern Alberta.
Main inlet into Lake Newell reservoir, southern Alberta.
Spillway, Lake Newell, Alberta.
Alkali reclamation by check flooding, Cassils syphon, Brooks division, Alberta.
Placing earth bags at Bantry headgates to cut off leakage, Alberta.
Special train for American Agricultural Editorial Association group at Brooks, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway headquarters and town of Brooks, Alberta.
Lathom flume, eastern section, Eastern Irrigation District, southern Alberta.
Laying six inch water pipe across bed, Brooks, Alberta.
View of Brooks, Alberta, looking north-east from water tower.
Brooks aqueduct, Brooks, Alberta.
Eighteen foot drop, North Bantry, Alberta.
View from water tower, Brooks, Alberta.
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