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A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County
Alberta Gazette 1922
Outdoorsmen with walking sticks near Edmonton, Alberta.
Vested choir of Anglican cathedral, Calgary, Alberta.
Reverend Hugh Vernon Stiff.
Herbert F. E. Whalley, third rector, Church of the Redeemer, Calgary, Alberta.
German prisoner of war captured in corn field near Barnwell, Alberta.
Memorial service, Woodland cemetery, Kitchener, Ontario.
Prisoner of war guards, Gravenhurst, Ontario.
Prisoner of war guards, Gravenhurst, Ontario.
Deaconess Harriet Lampard, Calgary, Alberta.
Reverend Edward Clarence Paget.
Reverend Reginald H. Robinson.
Reverend Harry Richard Ragg.
Reverend George B. Snell.
Reverend James H. Craig.
Reverend William Edward Harrison.
Reverend Nathaniel S. Noel.
Canadian National Railways locomotive 2746, Calder (Edmonton), Alberta.