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A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County
Plains, Trains and Wagon Wheels
Gastrointestinal Research Group Faculty of Medicine annual report 1998
Interior of Swift's packing plant, Edmonton, Alberta.
Presbyterian Church and congregation, Opal, Alberta.
Pump-jack in farmer's field, Redwater, Alberta.
Tank train at Imperial Pipeline terminal, Redwater area, Alberta.
Tank farm, Anglo-Home battery number 3, Redwater area, Alberta.
Wildcat well, Imperial Redwater number 1, Redwater area, Alberta.
Girls carrying water from town pump, Redwater, Alberta.
Fred Hrynchuck family, Ukrainian settlers at Redwater, Alberta.
Ukrainian wedding party.
Ukrainian women, Redwater, Alberta.
Mrs. Fred (Sophie) Hrynchuck, Ukrainian settler, Redwater, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chaba, Eastgate area, Alberta.
First St. Clare's Roman Catholic Church, Val Soucy, Alberta.
Wilflingsider family, Polish settlers at Redwater, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Sinai Godard in depression cart, Redwater area, Alberta.
Oxen-drawn wagon, Baraca area, Alberta.
Blessing of water at Russo-Greek Orthodox Church, Eastgate area, Alberta.
Sawmill, Redwater area, Alberta.
Sawmill, Redwater area, Alberta.
Barn raising bee, Redwater, Alberta.
Samuel Cook, pioneer, Redwater, Alberta.
Redwater, Alberta.
Redwater, Alberta.
Swift Canadian booth at fair, Edmonton, Alberta.
Library building, Edmonton, Alberta.
Sam Chaba, Ukrainian settler at Redwater, Alberta.
Official opening of valves at Number 1 station, Redwater, Alberta.
Redwater, Alberta.
Mrs. William Pasichney with outdoor oven, Redwater, Alberta.
Mose Sandage en route to Canada from United States.
Ukrainian settlers hauling fenceposts, Redwater, Alberta.
Ukrainian settler trapping, Smoky Lake, Alberta.
Woodpile, Redwater, Alberta.
Vickie Malowany at town pump, Redwater, Alberta.