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Gauntlet, Volume 019, Number 005
Alberta, 1954-1979 : a provincial bibliography
A Bibliography of the Prairie Provinces to 1953 with bibliographical index
Canadian Pacific Railway Land & Irrigation Building, Calgary, Alberta.
Gurney Standard Metal Company Limited warehouse, Calgary, Alberta.
Massey-Harris Company Limited warehouse building, Calgary, Alberta.
International Harvester Company of America warehouse building, Calgary, Alberta.
Armstrong Block, Calgary, Alberta.
Vegetable garden with patch of potatoes, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of George K. Leeson, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of John De Sousa, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of D. W. Gillies, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Dr. Neville J. Lindsay, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of J. W. Fullbrook, Calgary, Alberta.
Horse corral, Robinson's Ranch near Calgary, Alberta.
Round-up in Pine Coulee, Willow Creek watershed, Nanton area, Alberta.
Alberta Portland Cement Company factory, Calgary, Alberta.
Train load of traction plow engines shipped to Chapin Company of Calgary, Alberta.
Drawing of Great West Liquor Company Limited building, Calgary, Alberta.
Drawing of the front elevation of Great West Saddlery building, Calgary, Alberta.
High School, Calgary, Alberta.
Sheep Creek (Sheep River), Turner Valley, Alberta.
Map of Rouleauville at the Turn of the Century, Calgary, Alberta.
Saskatchewan bibliography : first supplement
'Porcupine Sheet, West of Fifth Meridian'.
Immigrants on way west in Assiniboine Valley, Manitoba.
Northern Alberta travellers and dog team stopping for noon-day tea in midwinter.
Blackfoot Indians crossing Bow River at Blackfoot Crossing, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Lord Lorne's party on Waterton River, Alberta.
Prairie covered with buffalo, Lake Jessie area, Dakota Territory.
View of Milk River and Bearspaw Mountain in Montana.
Sir John Franklin's expedition making camp on Methy Portage, North Saskatchewan.
Rocky Mountain Development Company oil tanks, Waterton area, Alberta.
Residence of Doctor H. G. Mackid, Calgary, Alberta.
Admission of Blackfoot children at Old Sun's Boarding School, Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Orwat and wife, Quatsino Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia. Kwakiutl Kwakwaka'wakw) tribe.
A Quatsino grandfather, British Columbia.
Quacum and wife, Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw).
Old Susan', Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw).
Native medicine woman. Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw).
Annie Rooney', Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw).
Bonnie Jean', Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw), Quatsino area, British Columbia
Bella Coola in Chief's dance.
Little Bow round-up camp, near Lethbridge, Alberta.
Alberta Wood Preserving Company Limited ad in 'Calgary Herald' newspaper, Calgary, Alberta.
Political cartoon from 'The U.F.A.' magazine, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of Airdrie Recorder, Airdrie, Alberta.
Colonel Charles R. L. d'I de Salaberry, commission investigating Metis troubles.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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