North Trip, water scene, Edmonton area, Alberta.
Front page of Nor'Wester, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of The Eye Opener, Calgary, Alberta.
Head chief of the Blackfoot Nation
Interior of Hudson's Bay Company Fort at Edmonton, Alberta.
Dog team and carriolle in northern Alberta.
Poster advertising Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Riel Rebellion telegram from C. Shields in Medicine Hat, Alberta to J. M. Egan.
Crowfoot, chief of the Blackfoot.
Front page of Alberta Tribune, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of 'The Chinook', volume 1, Number one.
Plan of the Town of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
A Quatsino grandfather, British Columbia.
Half-breed [Metis] camp Fort Ellice, Manitoba.
Alberta Hotel on Dominion Day, Calgary, Alberta.
Plan of the Town of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.
Cover of the 'Prairie Illustrated'.
Letter giving impression and opinions on Blackfoot people.
Letter giving impression and opinions on Blackfoot people.
View of Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Riel Rebellion telegram, from J.S. Stewart in Calgary, Alberta to Duncan Campbell, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Admission of Blackfoot children at Old Sun's Boarding School, Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Mounted Policeman on rearing horse
Sir Martin Frobisher.
Canadian Pacific Railway dining-car advertisement.
Cover of Dutch emigration booklet on Western Canada.
Bella Coola in Chief's dance.
Medal presented to Alberta school children, back view.
Masthead for the Daily Free Press newspaper, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Stringing barbed wire fencing.
Two dog teams with carrioles.
View of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Hudson's Bay Company beaver token coins.
Methodist Mission at Morley, Alberta.
Inspector Samuel B. Steele, [1848-1919], commanding officer, Calgary, Alberta.
Peter A. Prince home, Calgary, Alberta.
View of Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Settler's cabin on Mrs. Leggatt near Humboldt, Saskatchewan.
View of Calgary from across the Bow River, Alberta.
Captain George Vancouver (1757-1798).
Riel Rebellion telegram, from A. Manuel, St. Paul, Alberta, to J. M. Egan.
Advertisement for Calgary made film, 'Back to God's Country'.
Poundmaker addressing his men, Poundmaker reserve, Saskatchewan.
Rat River in Richardson Mountains, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Map of northwest coast of America, Bering Strait area.
'Calgary Herald', front page, Calgary, Alberta.
Fort Edmonton, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Map showing the land of Treaty 7 First Nations people.
Copy of map presented to Congress by Peter Pond.
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