Children at public school, Gleichen, Alberta.
Meat cooler in Selkirk Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta.
Mayor William T. Henry in boat 'The Doris', Edmonton, Alberta.
Don Luzzi, Calgary, Alberta.
Dipping cattle on the Circle Ranch, Alberta.
View of downtown Gleichen, Alberta.
Sunday-school class, St. Andrews Anglican church, Gleichen, Alberta.
Cowboys at Government horse round-up, Dorothy, Alberta.
Portrait of the James brothers, Gleichen, Alberta.
Cowboys at Government horse round-up, Brooks, Alberta.
Twenty-two horse team hauling grain down the river hill at Arrowwood, Alberta.
Gleichen pioneers W.H. James and Charles Bray.
Cowboys driving cattle along Cochrane Lake, Alberta.
City Bakery, Medicine Hat.
Treaty 7 commemorative cairn, near Gleichen, Alberta.
Antelope hunt on prairie near Bassano, Alberta.
Inside Gleichen Trading Company, Gleichen, Alberta.
View of Gleichen, Alberta.
Medicine Hat curling team, 'The Big Four.'
Hauling wheat from Arrowwood to Gleichen, Alberta.
View of downtown Gleichen, Alberta.
Cowboys outside livery before last horse round-up, Gleichen, Alberta.
Children and teachers at Gleichen school, Alberta.
Heavy Shield, Blackfoot.
Coal mines on Blackfoot (Siksika) reserve, Alberta.
Public school group, Gleichen, Alberta.
Calves after branding, Gleichen, Alberta.
Daughters of Hugh Beynon Biggs, Beynon, Alberta.
Children at birthday party, Gleichen, Alberta.
Group on street at Gleichen, Alberta.
'Cavvy' on last round-up.
Cyril Old Woman at War, Blackfoot.
Cowboys at Government horse round-up, Clarke's corrals, Dorothy, Alberta.
Mabel Biggs reading in her home at Beynon, Alberta.
Chuckwagon accident crossing Rosebud Creek, Alberta.
Children doing chores on farm at Beynon, Alberta.
Parade for Gleichen Stampede, Gleichen, Alberta.
Dipping cattle on Blackfoot reserve near Gleichen, Alberta.
Pretty Young Man, (1852 - 1941), Blackfoot.
Wolf Chief, Blackfoot
Goodrider, Blackfoot
White Headed Chief, Blackfoot
Crowd gathered along railway tracks, Gleichen, Alberta.
Mr. J. H. Gooderham and visitors on Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Crowd gathered along railway tracks, Gleichen, Alberta.
Crossing the Bow river upstream from James ranch , Bassano area, Alberta.
World War 1 soldiers returning to Canada.
Wild horse race, Gleichen stampede, Alberta.
Portrait of Walter Henry James, Senior, Gleichen, Alberta.
Welcoming arch for visit of Duke of Connaught to Gleichen, Alberta.
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