Ladies' cricket club, Calgary, Alberta.
Women playing cricket at Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta.
Cricket teams, Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta.
George W. Pocaterra, Pocaterra valley, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Members of town planning commission, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Creosote Company, Edmonton, Alberta.
War-style trenches at Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton, Alberta.
Portrait of Poundmaker, Cree Chief.
Cell Regulation Research Group annual report for 1994 Faculty of Medicine
Bar U Ranch round-up camp, southern Alberta.
Hunter posed with dead coyotes and pelts.
Calgary Saddlery Company interior, Calgary, Alberta.
Cattle round-up, southern Alberta.
Kahneepotautayo, Cree.
Portrait of William Bleasdell Cameron.
Imasees, Little Bear, Cree.
Ranchers with Aberdeen Angus bull, southern Alberta.
Thomas Trueman Quinn.
Note written by Thomas Quinn shortly before killed at Frog Lake, Alberta.
John Pritchard, Metis.
Adolphus Nolan, Metis.
Cattle round-up, southern Alberta.
Kenneth R. Coppock, Calgary, Alberta.
William McKay, Saskatchewan.
John Bearspaw, nephew of Moses Bearspaw.
John Bearspaw, nephew of Moses Bearspaw.
David Bearspaw, chief of the Stoneys.
Norma Piper with her grandmother Johnson, probably Leamington, Ontario.
George W. Pocaterra as a young man in Italy.
King Bearspaw, son of Moses Bearspaw.
Frazier Hunt, author, on mountain trip.
King Bearspaw, son of Moses Bearspaw.
John Bearspaw, nephew of Moses Bearspaw.
View of Highwood River, Alberta.
Stoney people cutting out a buggy trail, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Restocking Highwood tributaries with trout.
Paul Amos and family.
Log jam on the Highwood River, Alberta.
Norma Piper in costume for school pageant.
Paul Amos and Jim Wright, Buffalo Head Ranch, Longview, Alberta.
Paul Amos, Stoney, with Mountain goats, Alberta.
Bedingfeld Ranch holding.
Walter Ing's coal claim on Camp Creek, Kananaskis, Alberta.
Logs on the Highwood River ready for the drive, Alberta.
Bedingfeld's ranch house.
Paul Amos and W. Powderface.
Norma Pocaterra in opera costume for 'Sonnambula'.
George Pocaterra with elk, Alberta.
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