British Columbia Express Co. statement of rates from Cariboo.
Inside pages of Canadian Pacific Railway souvenir booklet.
Snowy field on Geddes property, Columbia River area, British Columbia.
Flock of sheep, Vauxhall area, Alberta.
Scottish girls emigrating to Canada.
Sod house, Peter G. Derksen family, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
School children with teacher, Gainford Canadian Pacific Railway colony, Alberta.
Bird's eye view of Rogers Pass, British Columbia.
Community hall, Homeglen Russian colony, Alberta.
Irrigating garden, Vauxhall area, Alberta.
Boy on horse near Condor, Alberta.
Farm land near Condor, Alberta.
Calves feeding from bucket on farm near Condor, Alberta.
Romanian settlers and home, Shandro, Alberta.
Koziera farm buildings, Bilby, Alberta.
Farm at Nevis, Alberta.
Sow and piglets at Crouch farm, near Condor, Alberta.
Walter Crouch family, farmers near Condor, Alberta.
Homestead shack of Cornelius A. Klassen, Mennonite settler, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Jacob Gerh. Thiessen and family, Mennonite settler, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Szewczuk family and friends, Seba, near Gainford, Alberta.
Wolodko homestead, Sundance, Alberta.
Farm house, Columbia River area, British Columbia.
Immigration hall, Gainford, Alberta.
Franz P. Froese, Mennonite settler ploughing in N. Battleford area, Saskatchewan.
Crowsnest Lake, Alberta.
Homesteaders and dwelling near Caroline, Alberta.
Andrew Dvorsky farm, Darwell, Alberta.
Bazyli Wolodko family, Polish settlers at Sundance, Alberta.
Edmonton Colonization Office, Edmonton, Alberta.
Coal mine near Eyremore, Alberta.
Original buildings on farm of Colonel Crest Dournovo, Homeglen Russian colony, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bilej, Romanian settlers, Shandro, Alberta.
Anton Jakimovicz homestead, Tomahawk, near Gainford, Alberta.
School, Sundance district, Alberta.
View of Bankhead, Alberta.
Diversion weir and main canal headgates, Calgary, Alberta.
Children from various schools after parade during school fair, Brooks, Alberta.
Irrigation dam, Bassano, Alberta.
Klimer Bojarczuk, home, Seba, near Gainford, Alberta.
16-Trestle at Dunmore, Alberta.
Homestead dwelling of Pawel Janda, Onoway, Alberta.
Jan Huba family on homestead at Onoway, Alberta.
Gregorz Szewczuk and Gregorz Potasczuk, Polish settlers at Seba, near Gainford, Alberta.
Mrs. Gregorz Szewczuk with cows on farm at, Seba, near Gainford, Alberta.
Log buildings on farm of Andrew Dvorsky, Darwell, Alberta.
Bazyli Wolodko, Polish settler, leaving Edmonton for Gainford, Alberta.
Polish settlers at Tomahawk, Alberta.
Adam Koziera family at farm, Sundance, Alberta.
Polasczuk homestead, Seba, near Gainford, Alberta.
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