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Sheep ranch, near Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Irrigation headgates and weir, Bow River, Calgary, Alberta.
H. Scheer's combine and tractor, Crowfoot area, Alberta.
Alberta Government Telephones line, Strathmore, Alberta.
Trees broken by sleet storm, Strathmore, Alberta.
Irrigated oats, Crowfoot Watermaster's headquarters, NW 1/4 27-24-24-W4, Alberta.
Residence of Henry Cretin, NE 1/4 3-27-21-W4, Cluny district, Alberta.
Residence of W. H. Leonard, W 1/2 25-27-27-W4, Crossfield, Alberta.
Gravel deposit, Bow River, south of Strathmore, 29-21-27-W4, Alberta.
Standard barn at Carleton headquarters, SW 1/4 15-26-27-W4, Alberta.
Concrete test blocks in alkali pasture grounds, Strathmore irrigation headquarters, Alberta.
Threshing oats, Crowfoot headquarters, Alberta.
Namaka district, ditch and drop line, NW 27-23-24-W4, Alberta.
Irrigation field lateral and wheat on SW 9-27-24-W4, Swastika distributary, Alberta.
Earth waves at lower end of Glenrose slide, SE 1/4 25-25-24-W4, Alberta.
Face of Glenrose landslide, SE 1/4 25-25-24-W4, Alberta.
Construction concrete drop B1, Secondary B canal, Dalroy, SE 1/4 31-24-27-W4, Alberta.
Rosedale stock farm, owned by O. Anderson, SE 1/4 32-26-27-W4, Alberta.
Carleton Creek flume, west branch C canal, built 1910, NW 1/4 8-27-27-W4, Alberta.
Completed concrete gates 2A spillway, Secondary A canal, mile 27, SW 1/4 18-23-25-W4, Cairnhill, Alberta.
2A spillway gates at mile 27, Secondary A canal, Cairnhill, SW 18-23-25-W4, Alberta.
Washout at Underhay spillway, Rockyford district, SE 1/4 4-27-22-W4, Alberta
Chasm at end of Underhay spillway, Rockyford district, SE 1/4 4-27-22-W4, Alberta.
New wirewound 24' pipe, Underhay spillway, Rockyford district, SE 1/4 4-27-22-W4, Alberta.
G. P. Boese and G. H. Patrick at straw and wire woven granary filled with 1923 oats in good condition, S 1/2 5-27-22, Rockyford district, Alberta.
P and H dragline on Bruce Lake's drain, Keoma district, Alberta.
Western section movable folding barn, Strathmore, Alberta.
Carleton Watermaster's headquarters, SW 1/4 15-26-27-W4, Alberta.
P and H dragline deepening Secondary A canal, NE 33-22-27-W4, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Holdup gates, Secondary A canal, SW 1/4 31-23-27-W4, Langdon, Alberta.
Hold up gate and bank gate, Secondary A canal, SW 1/4 31-23-27-W4, Langdon, Alberta.
New bridge over Secondary B canal and rock crib groynes, SE 1/4 12-25-27-W4, Inverlake area, Alberta.
Rebuilt Inverlake flume, length 312', width 5.5', depth 4', in SE 1/4 12-25-27-W4, Alberta.
Linkhart flume, length 294', diameter 3'93/4', built 1926, in SE 1/4 17-24-27-W4, Langdon district, Alberta.
16 1/2 foot Holt combine and 15-27 tractor of H. Scheer, Crowfoot district, Alberta.
Serviceberry spillway gates on Secondary C canal, reinforced wall and piers, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Mahary G flume, SW 1/4 7-26-26-W4, Secondary C canal, Alberta.
Break in Swastika canal, and work on temporary flume, 27-26-24-W4, Swastika area, Alberta.
27 inch concrete pipe inclined drop, 35-26-23-W4, Rockyford, Alberta.
Stacking hay at Gleichen headquarters, second cutting, Gleichen, Alberta.
Alfalfa field, 27 acres on 5-25-24-W4, owned by M. Willens, Alberta.
Drop 2A, backfilling, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Alfalfa on E. V. Babcock's farm part irrigated, W 1/2 14-23-23-W4, Alberta.