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Headquarters office, western section Canadian Pacific Railway block, Strathmore, Alberta.
Excavation for irrigation drop and bypass, Gleichen area, Alberta.
Break in irrigation flume, Winona, Alberta.
Arch flume, Winona, Alberta.
Hydrographers at cable station, Strathmore area, Alberta.
Rock drop section A canal, Strathmore area, Alberta.
Rock drop number 7, Canadian Pacific Railway, irrigation canal, Strathmore area, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway section 'A', irrigation canal, Strathmore area, Alberta.
Measuring rating station C canal, Strathmore area, Alberta.
Making borders with ridger, Strathmore, Alberta.
V ditcher, western irrigation district, southern Alberta.
Fourth annual staff meeting of Canadian Pacific Railway western irrigation district, Strathmore, Alberta.
Blasting Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation drain ditch, Stobart Lake, Alberta.
Waterwheel, pumping to mixer, headgates construction, Dalroy, Alberta.
Investigation of irrigation at Strathmore, Alberta.
Break in Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation syphon, southern Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway dam from north bank of Bow River, southern Alberta.
Break in southern Alberta dam.
End of Canadian Northern Railway tracks and secondary C Forces camp, Rockyford, Alberta.
Irrigation headgates and weir, Bow River, Calgary, Alberta.
Ice jam at the Cushing bridge, Calgary, Alberta.
Camp cook cars, western section, Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation district, Strathmore, Alberta.
Garage, water tower and barns, Strathmore, Alberta.
Bunkhouse and foreman's tent, Canadian Pacific Railway dam, Chestermere Lake, Alberta.
Telephone maintenance car, Canadian Pacific Railway, western irrigation section, southern Alberta.
Timothy and western rye grass, demonstration farm, Strathmore, Alberta.
Stooked wheat in field, Gem area, Alberta.
Wheat field, Rockyford, Alberta.
Field of marquis wheat, Carseland, Alberta.
Field of marquis wheat, Crowfoot, Alberta.
Stacking hay at irrigation headquarters, Crowfoot, Alberta.
Irrigating potatoes at Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation headquarters, Crowfoot, Alberta.
Fresno scraper, Canadian Pacific Railway western irrigation grading section, southern Alberta.
Ploughing with disc plough, Crowfoot, Alberta.
H. Scheer's combine and tractor, Crowfoot area, Alberta.
Stacking hay at Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation headquarters, Strathmore, Alberta.
Caterpillar engine and four binders on farm at Strathmore, Alberta.
Straw and wire woven granary, Rockyford area, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway cattle in pasture, Eagle Lake, Alberta.
Western Stock Ranch, Cluny, Alberta.
Strathmore Stampede, Alberta.
Breaking ground for Great War Veterans Association, memorial hall, Strathmore, Alberta.
Preparing land for irrigation, Strathmore, Alberta.
Topographical survey outfit in Strathmore area, Alberta.
Percheron mares, Strangmuir Farm, southern Alberta.
Calgary-Medicine Hat trail, Namaka area, Alberta.
Brush fence to stop soil drift, Namaka area, Alberta.
Alberta Government Telephones line, Strathmore, Alberta.
Trees broken by sleet storm, Strathmore, Alberta.
Men with young badgers, Glenrose area, Alberta.
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