Bachelor's shack, Hanna area, Alberta.
Harburn and Rutherford's threshing crew, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Lee Brainard and granddaughter, Frances, Brainard, Alberta.
Thomas Eade band, Hanna, Alberta.
John Corry and son Clifford in Hanna area, Alberta.
Cowboy on rearing horse, east of Hanna, Alberta.
Hiltbrandt house and barn on homestead, north of Scotfield, Alberta.
Mr. Henry and Mrs. Pidherney, Hemaruka, Alberta.
Prize decorated car in war-time parade, Hanna, Alberta.
Gust Weherer family outside sod-banked dwelling, Scotfield, Alberta.
Schoolhouse, Corinne school district, Hanna area, Alberta.
Barney Connor and George Connell, Youngstown area, Alberta.
Six horse team at Stanmore, Alberta.
Andrew Portfors, Finnish emigrant to Canada.
Miss Jean Golley, Hanna area, Alberta.
Moving Spondin Creamery to Hanna, Alberta.
Hanna, Alberta.
School picnic, Hanna area, Alberta.
First annual celebration of Orange Association of British America, Hanna, Alberta.
Alex McKellar and family, Mitchell, Ontario.
First passenger train through Hanna, Alberta.
Vitomen Foods loaded on Canadian National Railways freight car.
George Standing Junior, Hanna area, Alberta.
Mule-drawn carriage, Hanna, Alberta.
Moving Knutson's house to Hiltbrandt farm, Scotfield area, Alberta.
Schoolhouse, Chain Lake school district, Hanna area, Alberta.
Schoolhouse, Maunders school district, Hanna area, Alberta.
Group of cowboys at Hand Hills Stampede, Alberta.
Motor-truck picking up cream for creamery at Coronation, Alberta.
Stanmore, Alberta.
Soccer team, north of Scotfield, Alberta.
Blance Johnston seated on horse, Hanna area, Alberta.
Erbin Grove ploughing a field, Garden Plain, Alberta.
Farmer on binder cutting grain, Hanna area, Alberta.
Ernest, Roy and Charles Eade, Hanna, Alberta.
Construction of National Hotel, Hanna, Alberta.
Jock Scott's car at ferry, Steveville, Alberta.
Spondin Creamery, Spondin, Alberta.
Public high school, Hanna, Alberta.
Railroad crew outside cook tent near Hanna, Alberta.
Group of cowboys at Hand Hills Stampede, Alberta.
Albert Walton house, Lone Butte, Alberta.
Des Jardine's homestead residence, Richdale area, Alberta.
4th Avenue, looking west, Hanna, Alberta.
Brainard's steam engine, Richdale area, Alberta.
Children on sleighs bieng towed by wagon, Hanna area, Alberta.
Blanche Pope Johnston getting horse team ready to hitch to hayrack, Hanna area, Alberta.
Soldier with the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Hiltbrandt house and barn, Scotfield area, Alberta.
Schoolhouse, Rocky Hill school district, Hanna area, Alberta.
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