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American Horse, Cheyenne, standing beside his tipi, Montana, USA.
Branding scene at a Montana ranch, USA.
The Bow Gun Ranch, Montana, USA.
Herd of N Bar cattle crossing Powder River, Montana, USA.
Danish picnic near Dickson, Alberta.
Pearson family on board ship emigrating to Canada.
Canadian Pacific Railway officers at Field, British Columbia.
Buffalo killed in Smoky Butte region, Northern Montana, USA.
Scorched Lightning, Mininconjoux Sioux.
Cheyenne children on a horse and travois.
Soldier painting grave marker for grave of Lieutenant J. J. Crittenden, Custer battlefield, Little Big Horn, Montana, USA.
Freight teams laden with bales of wool lining up to unload, Montana, USA.
A Sheep ranch on Powder River, Montana, USA.
Spotted Eagle's village, Sioux, near the old freight road.
Pack mules with dead deer loaded on them in the forest, Big Horn Mountains, Montana, USA.
Round-up cook and pie biter at work, Montana, USA.
Crow scout.