Spotted Eagle's village, Sioux, near the old freight road.
Indian pony race at Cheyenne Agency, Lame Deer Valley, Montana, USA.
Buffalo skinners at work, Northern Montana, USA.
Five dead antelope hanging from a rack, Montana, USA.
A mountain goat on a hillside, Montana, USA.
The Yellowstone River from Pompey's Pillar, Montana, USA.
Dead Mountain Sheep, Montana, USA.
Cox Cattle Ranch, Hanging Woman Creek, near Powder River, Montana, USA.
The badlands of the Missouri River at Hell Creek, Montana, USA.
Deaf Bull or Good Eagle, Crow.
Sioux warrior's grave.
Spotted Eagle, Sioux chief.
Crow scout.
Freighting with a twelve horse team in Montana, USA.
Buffalo hunter taking only the tongues, of slaughtered buffalo, Northern Montana, USA.
White Hawk, Cheyenne, Fort Keogh, USA.
Annie, Cheyenne girl.
Man loading a dead mountain sheep onto a horse, Montana, USA.
A band of sheep near the Yellowstone river, Montana, USA.
Two wives of Rain in the Face, Huncapapa Sioux, Fort Keogh, USA.
Lame Deer Cheyenne Agency, distant view from the west, Montana, USA.
Two black bears foraging at a dump, Montana, USA.
Sheep grazing at Cap Butte, Powder River Badlands, Montana, USA.
Wolf Voice, Cheyenne warrior in war clothing.
Annie, Cheyenne girl.
W.E. Harris' lamb band in the badlands of Montana, USA.
A pack train of hunters and horses carrying deer, and supplies, Montana, USA.
Hunter examining dead black bear in the forest, Montana, USA.
Sheep herds in the Powder River badlands, Montana, USA.
High Bear, Ogallalla Sioux
Spotted Eagle, Sioux chief.
Mrs. White Elk, Sioux.
The old Spear cow camp on Bitter Creek, Montana, USA.
Pack mules with dead deer loaded on them in the forest, Big Horn Mountains, Montana, USA.
Cowboy on horseback roping a steer on the prairie, Montana , USA.
Cowboys riding horses to a round-up, Montana, USA.
Cowboys roping a 'maverick' steer on the prairie, Montana , USA.
Horses in a rope corral after a rain, Montana, USA.
Range boss on horse, round-up, Montana, USA.
Black Wolf, Cheyenne.
Soldier painting grave marker for grave of Lieutenant J. J. Crittenden, Custer battlefield, Little Big Horn, Montana, USA.
Cheyenne Indian police lined up, Lame Deer, Montana, USA.
Sits Down Spotted, young Crow warrior, Fort Keogh, USA.
First wood monument, Custer battlefield, Little Big Horn, Montana, USA.
Sheep beside Powder River, Montana, USA.
Tall Bear, Minneconjou Sioux, shaman (medicine man).
Crow scout.
Graves of the unknown, Custer battlefield
Where Custer fell, Custer's Hill, Montana, USA.
Cowboy 'Honey Cut' on his horse 'White Star', Montana, USA.
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