Railway line through Seven Persons, Alberta.
Airdrie Bylaws, 2003
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 2003
Canmore Alberta Bylaws 2003
KNES 475 W2003
LING 598-02 F2003 Redacted
Bibliography 2003
Letter from Argus Pressclipping Bureau to [Charles F. Gray]?
Letter from H. L. Griffin to Charles F. Gray, May 25th 1919
Graduating students survey 2003, University of Calgary
Letter from C. J. Brown to Charles F. Gray, July 22nd, 1919
Letter from William Hendrie to Charles F. Gray, June 13th, 1919
Aerial view of Alberta Children's Hospital and area, Calgary, Alberta.
Department of Geomatics Engineering progress report, 2002-2003 - UCGE report number 50034
Letter from Charles F. Gray to Acting Chief Newton, June 25th, 1919
Report on Employees on Strike in the Fire Department
4th Alberta Biomedical Engineering Conference Banff 2003
Annual Report 2003 Faculty of Social Work
Department of Community Health Sciences annual report 2003
Alberta's tuition fee policy: Implications for setting tuition fees and calculating unfunded enrolments
Centre for Health and Policy Studies annual report 2003
Aerial view showing Lafarge Canada gravel pit in northwest Calgary, Alberta.
Le Collège de Lévis : 150 ans d'éducation : 1853-2003
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 033, Number 010
Faculty research and scholarly activity: connecting with the world of nursing 2001-2002
HTST 545-09 W2007
Charles F. Gray's Speech to Returned Soldiers of the 43rd Batallion, Mar. 20th, 1919
Propriety of Evidence Arose Saturday [photocopy]
Charles F. Gray's Statement Regarding Riots, June 21st, 1919 (Pink Copy)
Letter from E. R. Claw to Charles F. Gray, Jan. 28th, 1919
Letter from Charles F. Gray to the Electors Announcing Intention to Vote
HTST 365 F2006
Letter to T. C. Norris Re: Extension of Strike, May 31st, 1919
Serious Situation Existed During June Last [photocopy]
The Winnipeg Citizen No. 20
HTST 413-01 F2006
The Winnipeg Citizen No. 14
The Winnipeg Citizen No. 13
Making Information Count: An Integrated Knowledge Service for Healthcare Practitioners, Staff, Patients and their Families
Report on City Engineer's Department Employees Who Went on Strike
Saturday Night--"The Paper Worth While", Nov. 6th, 1919 [photocopy]
Letter from Charles F. Gray to Brigadier-General Ketchen, May 17th, 1919
Report on Operating Superintendent Water Works Department Employees Who Went on Strike
Western Labor News Special Strike Edition No. 3 (Copy)
Labor Manifesto, Dec. 18th, 1917
The Winnipeg Citizen No. 16
The Winnipeg Citizen No. 19
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