Jewish refugees at internment camp, Ripples, New Brunswick.
York boat tracking up, Slave River, Alberta.
Streetcar with single operator, Calgary, Alberta.
Girl dressed as Indian princess for Chautauqua performance, Saskatchewan.
Maclean's Drugstore, 8th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Parade on 8th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Martin's Nursing Home, Calgary, Alberta.
Hosiery and glove department, T. Eaton's company, Calgary, Alberta.
Jim G. Miles and Sophie A. Miles on their golden wedding anniversary, Edmonton, Alberta.
View of 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Fire and police station, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Northern Railway locomotive 2052 on trestle bridge, possibly British Columbia.
Team of horses hauling wheat to elevator at Ryley, Alberta.
Extension to Hudson's Bay Company store, Calgary, Alberta.
Fire and police station, Calgary, Alberta.
Dramatic club in 'The Barrister', Wainwright, Alberta.
Construction of Alberta Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Louis Riel's execution of Thomas Scott, Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Criterion Saloon, 8th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Firemen at Club Cafe fire, 8th Avenue West, Calgary, Alberta.
Hotel fire at Cardiff, Alberta.
Three men watching the wrecking of the Capitol Theatre, Calgary, Alberta.
Bears at garbage dump, Alberta.
Discing with 8 horse outfit near High River, Alberta.
Old Centre Street Bridge partly washed out by flood, Calgary, Alberta.
Sam Osherow, manager of Jaffe's Book and Music Exchange, Calgary, Alberta.
Construction of Alberta Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Photograph of painting of A. E. Cross.
[Unknown title]
Bareback riding at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Sheep on EP Ranch, Pekisko, Alberta.
Hoover vacuum cleaners and floor polishers, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Prisoners taken in on Regina trench, Courcelette, France.
Lake Louise, Alberta.
Royalite gas plant, Scrubbing Plant Separators, Smith Separators, Turner Valley, Alberta.
First Nations rider in Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Chief Crowfoot, Blackfoot.
Preparation of the land, seeding.
Off-duty dress for construction workers on Banff-Windermere Highway, British Columbia.
Preparation of the land, Dalroy, Alberta.
Old versus new buildings, Calgary, Alberta.
Andy K. Lund decorating steer at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Agnes May, Cardston, Alberta.
Bate house, Whitemud River, near Shaunavon, Saskatchewan.
Dingman Wells #1 and # 2 (Calgary Petroleum Products #1 and #2), Turner Valley, Alberta.
Sign on Frico stores, Calgary, Alberta.
Rounding up Bar U horses on Willow Creek, Alberta.
Preparation of the land, Dalroy, Alberta.
Frank Gough, Midnapore, Alberta pioneer, aged 20.
View of Belly River valley, Lethbridge area, Alberta.
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