Canal Du-Nord.
Car advertising Strand Theatre, Calgary Alberta.
Automobiles in peace celebration procession, Claresholm, Alberta.
R.W. 'Dick'Ryan in Sopwith Camel airplane.
Stastia Carry in circus costume.
German aircraft.
Cardivan petroleum well, Lundbreck, Alberta.
Poster advertising Calgary Industrial Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta.
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1918
Edith Speers Robinson with her sons, Alex and Harold, Altario, Alberta.
Medicine Hat, AB., Bylaws, 1918
Bow Falls, Banff, Alberta.
Men going fishing near Calgary, Alberta.
Reception desk, King George Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Gunner with Lewis gun in aircraft, Camp Borden, Ontario.
Family meal outside homestead tent, Bergen, Alberta.
Fencing crew, Groton area, Alberta.
Kite observation balloon.
Ewan Moberly, pioneer of Grande Cache, Alberta.
Normal School, Calgary, Alberta.
Hillhurst Fire Hall, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway viaduct, Lethbridge, Alberta.
R.B. Bennett in London, England.
Elmer Fullerton, Pictou, Nova Scotia.
Members of McArthur family and friend at home, Red Deer Lake, Alberta.
Ernest H. Marles, 10th Battalion.
Anglican church at De Winton, Alberta.
Mount View Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of store at Duhamel, Alberta
Christmas postcard.
First crop on MacKay ranch, Millarville district, Alberta.
Major H. W. McGill, Calgary, Alberta.
Float in parade, Claresholm [?], Alberta.
First town council, Vermilion, Alberta.
Major-General Thomas Bland Strange.
Chautauqua workers, western Canada.
Downtown Rosemary, Alberta.
Mr. Heisler and friend.
Group of Stoney at Armistice celebrations near, High River, Alberta.
Jean Fullerton, RN.
South African war monument, Central Park [Memorial Park], Calgary, Alberta.
Camp of Forrest Albert Morrill.
Nellie Young at water pump, Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Boxer, Calgary, Alberta.
Line-up of cowboys at veterans' stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Upper Kootenay with child on a horse travois Lake Windermere, British Columbia.
Edith Young, nee Peacock, High River, Alberta.
Employees at sawmill camp, Bergen, Alberta.
Dining room, Club Cafe, Calgary, Alberta.
Mass baptism of Jehovah Witnesses, Calgary, Alberta.
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