Ricardo Ranch building and horses, probably near Calgary, Alberta.
Paul, Kootenai chief.
Oilfield near Turner Valley, Alberta
Poster, 'The Liquor Traffic Must Go'.
Peter Neas and sister, Mountain View pioneers, Alberta.
Line up of contestants and officials of first Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Alberta.
View of Frank Slide, Alberta.
West structure of oil fields, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Calgary Brewing and Malting Company delivery trucks, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway steam shovel.
Panoramic view of Calgary, Alberta from SE.
Transporting mail by dog sled over the Peace River, Alberta.
Bow River and Louise Bridge, Calgary, Alberta.
Trestled flume on irrigation canal, Stirling area, Alberta.
Mrs. John M. (Nola B.) Erickson, nee Critz.
Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich Schultz, Bruderheim, Alberta.
Town band, Stavely, Alberta.
Cowboys at the Tex Austin International Contest, Wembley, London, England.
White Horse, Yukon Territory.
Stavely band at Broadway picnic, Alberta.
Honourable Sydney Fisher, Calgary, Alberta.
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry soldier Cardell with Katcom (Korean attached for training), Korea.
Oilfield near Turner Valley, Alberta
Oilfield near Turner Valley, Alberta
Commisioner and Mrs. Coombs territorial commanders, of the Salvation Army, Calgary, Alberta.
Bugle band, 113th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Lethbridge Highlanders.
Scow going through Miles Canyon, guided by river pilot Smith, during the Klondike gold rush.
Percy Creighton, Blood man.
Frank slide from north, Frank, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company store, Snowdrift, Northwest Territories.
Panoramic view of Calgary, Alberta.
Horse race, Cochrane, Alberta.
Soldiers attending courses at Sarcee Army Camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Sarcee City, near Sarcee Army Camp, Calgary, Alberta.
View of Grand Forks, Yukon Territory.
Royalite gas plant, Turner Valley, Alberta
Salish women, British Columbia.
Joe Waite and Mildred Millar at Millarville, Alberta.
Mrs. Theresa Salois, Duhamel, Alberta.
Frank slide from north, Frank, Alberta.
Cowboy of Canadian Pacific colonization company, Queenstown, Alberta.
First ranch house, CL Ranch, Jumping Pound, Alberta.
View of Frank Slide, Alberta.
Oilfield near Turner Valley, Alberta
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1900
Ice jam at Five Fingers Rapids, Upper Yukon River, Yukon Territory
Interior of Crown Lumber Company office, Standard, Alberta.
Group in sight seeing vehicle, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Tipi, southern Alberta.
Calgary General Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.
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