Letter from Calgary issued under the Fort Brisebois name.
Fort Ellice, Manitoba, looking east.
Thom Swanby, pioneer of Carlstadt (later Alderson), Alberta.
First page of letter from Fort Brisebois, later Calgary, Alberta.
Colonel Gilbert E. Sanders, 1863-1955, Calgary, Alberta.
Flora Rowand.
Portrait of young girl.
Frances 'Fanny' Culbertson, Blood woman, Alberta.
Chak-uk-i-ree, Pawnee chief.
Canada lancet (Montreal). No. 5 (July, 1863)
Charter and By-laws of the St. George's Society of Toronto
Doctor John Christian Schultz.
Sewing book binding, Esdale Press, Edmonton, Alberta.
Transportation by boat during Bow River floods, Calgary, Alberta.
William A. Brown, pioneer at Queenstown, Alberta.
Captain John Palliser.
View of Stirling, Alberta.
Fort Simpson, British Columbia.
Colonel James Walker, North-West Mounted Police, Alberta.
Reverend John Maclean, Methodist missionary and author.
View of Fort Ellice, Manitoba.
Canada lancet (Montreal). No. 6 (August, 1863)
Canada lancet (Montreal). No. 9 (November, 1863)
Canada lancet (Montreal). No. 3 (May, 1863)
Canada lancet (Montreal). No. 10 (December, 1863)
John D. Higinbotham.
View of 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
John Biddle, Mormon teacher and philosopher, 1863-1931.
Portrait of J.A. Killough, 1863-1936.
Dead cattle, Shaddock ranch, near Langdon, Alberta.
Colonel James F. Macleod.
View of Stirling, Alberta.
Main street of Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Colonel Garnet Joseph Wolseley, Toronto, Ontario.
Colonel James Walker, Calgary, Alberta.
Parade of mounted North-West Mounted Police across the prairie to Shaganappi Point, Calgary, Alberta.
On trail from Edmonton to Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Colonel James F. Macleod.
View of Nordegg, Alberta.
Colonel James F. Macleod.
Vancouver Island : return to an address of the Honorable the House of Commons dated 13th July, 1863
Sam Livingston, Calgary, Alberta
The British Columbia and Victoria Guide and Directory for 1863, under the patronage….
Colonel James F. Macleod.
Cattle crossing Bow River near A. Wyndham place, Carseland, Alberta.
Narrow gauge locomotive of North Western Coal and Navigation Company, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Constitution and by-laws of the Victoria Typographical Union, including the scale of prices and list of members
Track-laying on the prairies, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Homes of the English Over the Sea : no. 1, British Columbia and Vancouver Island
Pioneers of the Eastern Townships
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