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'Porcupine Sheet, West of Fifth Meridian'.
'Map of Alberta, Western Canada Series No. 1'.
'Map showing irrigated lands of The Canadian North West Irrigation Company in southern Alberta'.
'Plan of the Town of Calgary being parts of Sec's 14, 15 & 16, Tp 24, Rge 1 West of 5th I.M. south of Bow River'.
'Calgary, subdivision of a part of Section 15, Township 24, Range 1, W5'.
View of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Half-breed [Metis] camp Fort Ellice, Manitoba.
Cover of Dutch emigration booklet on Western Canada.
Front page of The Eye Opener, Calgary, Alberta.
Model of Fort Whoop-Up, Alberta, 1870-1874.
Dog team and carriolle in northern Alberta.
Settler's cabin on Mrs. Leggatt near Humboldt, Saskatchewan.
Two dog teams with carrioles.
Poster advertising Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
View of Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Marker at the International Boundary and principal meridian, Pembina area, Manitoba.
Advertisement for Calgary made film, 'Back to God's Country'.
Governor Isaac I. Stevens' survey camp at Maple River, Dakota Territory.
Front page of 'The Chinook', volume 1, Number one.
Interior view of Central Methodist Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Fort at Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Reading room in YMCA building, Edmonton, Alberta.
Portrait of an Assiniboine near Fort Carlton, Saskatchewan.
Interior of a Cree lodge near the present Nipawin, Saskatchewan.
Cree summer encampment.
Peter A. Prince home, Calgary, Alberta.
Courthouse, Calgary, Alberta.
Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, Jesuit missionary.
Stringing barbed wire fencing.
Poundmaker addressing his men, Poundmaker reserve, Saskatchewan.
Inspector Samuel B. Steele, [1848-1919], commanding officer, Calgary, Alberta.
Engraving of a beaver and beaver dam.
Rocky Mountain Development Company camp, Waterton area, Alberta.
Rocky Mountain Development Company drilling rig, Waterton area, Alberta.
Rocky Mountain Development Company drilling rig, Waterton area, Alberta.
Residence of Alfred E. Cross, Calgary, Alberta.
First Nations man in bull boat used in Western Canada.
Map of North Saskatchewan Valley.
York boat.
Fort Edmonton, Alberta.
Masthead for the Daily Free Press newspaper, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
A.L. Mumm and Moritz Inderbinen, on Mount Robson, British Columbia.
Lieutenant Colonel William Francis Butler, 1838-1910.
Sketches of Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Captain George Back's Arctic expedition to Great Fish River, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Reverend J. Gough Brick, Anglican clergyman.
Rat River in Richardson Mountains, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Joseph Fisher, Millarville pioneer, Alberta.
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