Horse team in front of Georges Figarol's grain elevator, Leo, Alberta.
Members of dairymen's excursion to Birch Lake, Alberta.
Doris Milburn pulling Cecile Eckenfelder in home-made toy wagon on Georges Figarol ranch, Leo, Alberta.
Lucie Figarol reading in dining room of home, Leo, Alberta.
Interior of Hartshorn store, Leo, Alberta.
York boat.
Group near grain elevator, Leo, Alberta.
Eckenfelder family leaving Figarol family home, Leo, Alberta.
Pupils at Success school, Leo, Alberta.
Georges Figarol family, Leo, Alberta.
Looking southwest, Peace River, Alberta.
Church altar, Edmonton, Alberta.
Solomon Gutman, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of colonist car, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Group of Plains Cree.
Cover of promotional booklet 'The Last Best West'.
Interior of colonist car, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Cover of 'Canada West' pamphlet advertising free farms in Western Canada.
Panoramic view of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and steamer 'Northcote'
Interior of Hudson's Bay Company Fort at Edmonton, Alberta.
Yellow Lodge, 'Otokuyicokoan' Sarcee, dressed for a dance.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
17th Cavalry Field Ambulance at Sarcee camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Armand Trochu's house and garden, Trochu, Alberta
Head chief of the Blackfoot Nation
Regimental ball, Calgary, Alberta.
Ferry on dry land beside Red Deer River, Alberta
Major Leon Charles Eckenfelder with an American officer.
Leon Charles Eckenfelder, officer in French Army.
Leon Charles Eckenfelder at Dinan, a military college in France.
Cecile Eckenfelder on 'Latour', thoroughbred stallion, Trochu, Alberta.
L. C. Eckenfelder and friend.
Lucie (Mrs. Georges) Figarol, Cecile Eckenfelder, George Eckenfelder; and Valentine (Mrs. L.C.) Eckenfelder, Trochu, Alberta.
Armand Trochu's original house, Trochu, Alberta
L. C. Eckenfelder 's butcher shop, Trochu, Alberta.
Cecile Eckenfelder at Leo, Alberta.
George and Cecile Eckenfelder feeding turkeys, Trochu, Alberta.
Armand Jean Louis Leon Trochu, Trochu, Alberta.
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