Residence of Alfred E. Cross, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of L. H. Doll, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Doctor H. G. Mackid, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of L. H. Doll, Calgary, Alberta.
Medicine workload indicator documentation
War chief of the Chilcat with family.
A Quatsino grandfather, British Columbia.
Miss Daisy MacGregor, Calgary, Alberta.
Lineham block, 8th Avenue East, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of Calgary News Telegram, Calgary, Alberta.
Victoria Block, Calgary, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police horse abandoned on the prairie.
L. H. Doll's Jewellery store, Calgary, Alberta.
Cree trappers in York Factory area.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Shaman (medicine man) of the Bella Coola.
Neilson Block, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Railway and Coal Company roundhouse and yard, Lethbridge, Alberta.
View of Rocky Mountains from Fort Calgary area, Alberta.
Riel Rebellion telegram, from Father Lacombe, Blackfoot Crossing, to Sir John A. Macdonald.
Cree elk hunter, likely sketched at Lac La Biche, Alberta.
Rocky Mountain Development Company second well, Waterton area, Alberta.
Fort Edmonton, Alberta.
Expedition crossing Lake Prosperous, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Plan of Fort Normandeau at Red Deer River crossing, Alberta.
Milk River and Panther Mountain in Montana.
James Turner & Company, Canada Grocers warehouse, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Trial of Louis Riel in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Stephen Avenue [8th Avenue] looking east, Calgary, Alberta.
Stephen Avenue (8th Avenue) in midwinter, Calgary, Alberta.
Officers, Calgary Highlanders, Combat Alert Strike Force.
Composite view of three bank buildings, Calgary, Alberta.
Hutterites, Stand Off Hutterite Colony, Alberta.
Composite view of buildings built and owned by John Lineham, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of James Short, Calgary, Alberta.
Western Milling Company flour mill, Calgary, Alberta.
Sir Donald' buffalo in Banff National Park, Alberta.
Underwood Block, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Edward Jackson Young, Calgary, Alberta.
Building housing the offices of the Alberta Building Company and Plunkett & Savage, Wholesale Fruit & Produce, Calgary, Alberta.
Capt. John Mason
Courthouse, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Crown Soaps, Calgary, Alberta.
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