Fight between the Cree and Sioux peoples.
Encounter between Cree and Sioux in Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan.
Trading block-house at Presque-Isle River, Quebec.
Labourer's living cars on Canadian Pacific Railway.
Scene in the Canadian fur district, Canada.
Dog sledges, mail trains from Selkirk to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Winter scenes in the Northwest.
John M. Egan, Manager of western division, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Arrival of dog sleigh at Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Kicking Horse Pass, Alberta and valley.
Mount Sir Donald, British Columbia, station and hotel.
Log cabin in Bow River valley, Alberta.
Christmas, British Columbia.
Passengers during British Association trip to Rocky Mountains.
Gorges of Fraser River, British Columbia.
8th Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway train in Kicking Horse Pass, Alberta.
Kicking Horse Pass, Alberta and valley.
Yale, British Columbia.
Game of whist in tail car, enroute to Rocky Mountains, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Calgary, Alberta.
Bell farm, Indian Head, Saskatchewan.
Stone fort and upper Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Red River.
On the track of civilization'.
Printing room of 'Manitoban' after destruction by vandals, Emerson, Manitoba.
Migrating herd of buffalo buffalo.
Exterior of Manitoban newspaper office after destruction, Emerson, Manitoba.
Cree people.
Professor Henry Youle Hind, geologist.
Buffalo in mortal combat.
Main street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Slaughtered buffalo attacked by wolves and buzzards.
Buffalo cow and calves.
View of Fort Ellice, Manitoba.
Riders shooting buffalo.
Prairie fire on the plains west of Fort Ellice, Manitoba.
Buffalo behind bars in zoo.
Buffalo formed in hollow square, repelling attack by wolves.
First Nations men shooting buffalo.
Hunters shooting buffalo from railway train.
Porter of Canadian Pacific Railway, sleeping-car announcing the Rocky Mountains.
Blackfoot crossing, Bow River, Alberta.
Colonel Miller and detachment of Queen's Own Rifles quelling rebellious teamsters at Jackfish Bay, Saskatchewan.
Hudson's Bay Company and Northwest Company traders competing for fur in camp.
English bride arriving at the Hudson's Bay Company post during the 1800s.
First Nations man bargaining with Hudson's Bay Company employees.
Fishing in Manitoba.
Assiniboine man, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
'Wigwam', Ojibwa Metis, seated with rifle.
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