First Nations man with roach.
Outdoor dance at Reflection Lake, Edson area, Alberta.
Woman reading a book, Calgary, Alberta.
Malcolm McCrimmon's construction outfit on the Edmonton-Athabasca railway, Alberta.
Cows returning to corral to be milked, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Raking native grass for hay, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Children on back of cow, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Men at control panel at powerhouse, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Haying on Arthur A. Brooke's farm, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Prince Philip disembarking from plane at airport, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Valeta Henderson putting a turkey into the oven, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Visitors in cook tent, Canadian Northern Railway construction camp, Athabasca Landing line, Alberta.
Breaking sod on homestead, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Construction camp four miles north of Morinville on Edmonton-Athabasca railway, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Brooke arriving at Arthur A. Brooke's house, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Stacking hay, Brooke's farm, Didsbury area, Alberta.
View of well kept farm Garden, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Boothman pedestrian bridge, Calgary, Alberta.
Haying, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Morrison triplets, Calgary, Alberta.
Barge and S.S. 'Annie Geele' at Stratton Island, James Bay, Quebec.
Mrs. Annie Soldier, Stoney.
Morrison triplets, Calgary, Alberta.
Black bear caught in a leg-hold trap, Montana, USA.
Preparing to build a log house for Arthur A. Brooke, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Gas storage and refining facility, Bow Island, Alberta.
Arthur A. Brooke binding his first crop, by hand, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Picnic expedition, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Settlers fencing fields, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Harvesting near Vegreville, Alberta.
Cattle, corralled in yard, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Arthur Brooke's log house, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Planting trees and shrubs, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Building log stable for settler, Mr. Ruth, Didsbury area, Alberta.
John M. Egan, Manager of western division, Canadian Pacific Railway.
Salvation Army Captain S. Nahirny visiting a family, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Stoney woman.
First Nations woman with dog travois [southern Alberta?].
Oldtimers exchanging Christmas gifts by a Christmas tree, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Jock Scott's car at ferry, Steveville, Alberta.
Main hall of Royal Bank building, Calgary, Alberta
Construction at Imperial Oil Calgary Refinery, Ogden, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Ward of Calgary reading books at public library, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Opening of flume over Oldman river, Fort Macleod area, Alberta.
Harley Walsh riding 'Two Bits' at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Flare at Turner Valley oil field, Alberta.
Strome, Alberta.
Preparing to build a log house for Arthur A. Brooke, Didsbury area, Alberta.
Family and friends floating on raft down the Yukon River to Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Mine manager's home, Passburg, Alberta.
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