Bulldogging steer at Moose Jaw Stampede, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Brazeau Station, Alberta.
Sailing near Bear Rock, Northwest Territories.
Survey team outside Coal Valley Hotel, Coal Valley, Alberta.
Pete Manderfield at Fort Fitzgerald, Northwest Territories.
Brazeau Collieries power plant, office, and tipple, Nordegg, Alberta.
Pete Sanderson in his office, Alberta.
Millarville races, Alberta.
Prince of Wales addressing citizens at Calgary, Alberta.
Harry Webb, surveyor.
Stewart Jaffray, surveyor.
Bronco busting, Christmas Day, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Medicine Hat baseball team, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Employees of Western Potash, Unity, Saskatchewan.
J. M. Nicoll, instrument man at Brown Creek, Alberta.
Cowboys at dinner, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Northern Syndicate Vickers Viking amphibian flying boat and steamboat, Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta.
Medicine Hatters singing group, Spokane, Washington.
Survey team at Cardium Mountain (Brown Creek) camp at Skitching Station, Alberta.
Alf Hoffman, surveyor.
Bronc busting at Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Principal Charles Weir, Elm Street School, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
George Gresaeff, Russian Cossack, on 'Cossack' at Winnipeg Stampede, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Hazel Walker and Lucille Mulhall at Moose Jaw Stampede, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
McDonald on 'Parson', Eastend, Saskatchewan.
Rodeo, Eastend, Saskatchewan.
Bulldogging steer at Moose Jaw Stampede, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Roping a steer at Winnipeg Stampede, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Blood group on horseback at Lethbridge Fair, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Blackstone Bridge, Alberta.
Imperial Oil camp 52 miles below Norman, Northwest Territories.
Pete Sanderson's preliminary survey party arriving at Chungo Creek Forestry cabin, Alberta.
P. Stewart driving rail cars at haulage and storage yard of Brazeau Collieries, Nordegg, Alberta.
Pete Sanderson at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
Big Boy, Piegan man, riding 'Suffragette' at Winnipeg Stampede, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Draughtsman Bernie Sturrock in Pete Sanderson's office, Alberta.
Dr. John A. Allan, University of Alberta, doing fieldwork near the United States border, Alberta.
Pete Sanderson and Ernest Robinson, Calgary, Alberta.
John Aberley, rancher, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Harry Bray on 'Tony', near Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Rodeo, Eastend, Saskatchewan.
Slippen [?] riding 'Midnight', Eastend, Saskatchewan.
Tex McLeod at Amalgamated Fair and Stampede, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Oxarart ranch horses, Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan.
Pilot Fred McCall completing rescue flight, Skiff, Alberta.
Pete Sanderson on lower Peace River, Alberta.
Alex Clark and Mr. Monaghan, Alberta.
Maple Leaf oil wells #1 and #2, near Wainwright, Alberta.
Riding a bronco, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Mr. Vinti, Ira Triplett and Doc Pardee bronco busting, Christmas Day, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
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