Thomas E. Wilson, Banff pioneer, Lake Louise, Alberta.
Construction of Connaught Tunnel, British Columbia.
Close view of horses on Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Thomas E. Wilson's cabin, Cave and Basin, Banff, Alberta.
John Hunter, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
John Abraham, Stoney, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Horses on Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Construction progresses on the Calgary Inn, Calgary, Alberta.
Outdoor bonspiel, Banff, Alberta.
Tom Wilson, right and son John at cabin on Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Jonas Benjamin and family, Stoney, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Pack outfit on Pipestone Summit, Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
Opabin Pass, British Columbia.
Stoney sweat bath, Morley, Alberta.
Packhorse outfit in Saskatchewan Valley, Alberta.
Group of Stoneys.
Two Stoney women, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
John Englishman, Stoney at Banff Indian Days, Banff, Alberta.
Tom Chiniki and grandson Johnny Chiniki at Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Prospector, Golden, British Columbia.
Chief Hector Crawler and Mrs. Hector Crawler, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
George Hunter and family, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
J. Simeon, Stoney and family at Morley, Alberta.
Hunter twins, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
Tom Chiniki, Stoney chief at Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Thomas E. Wilson, Banff pioneer, Lake Louise, Alberta.
Pleasure boats on Lake Minnewanka, Alberta.
Group of guides at Field, British Columbia.
Pioneer and mountaineers in Yoho Valley, British Columbia.
Group at Castle Mountain railway station, Alberta.
Stoney people, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Stoney women, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Stoney people, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Stoney women, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Brewster Tally-Ho at Lake Louise Chalet, Lake Louise, Alberta.
Two Stoneys.
Group of Stoneys.
Manual for instructional space utilization studies
Colonel Robert O'Hara and Tom Wilson at Banff, Alberta.
View of Nordegg, Alberta.
Sir James Hector and Sir Edward Whymper.
Captain John Palliser.
Blackfoot camp at Blackfoot Crossing, Alberta.
Joshua House and Alex House, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
Group of Canadian Pacific Railway officials, Stoney Creek, British Columbia.
North-West Mounted Police band at Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta.
View of chimneys at Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.
Thomas Chiniki, head chief of the Stoneys.
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