Post office, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Message on tree blaze left by starving trappers.
Monument at Point Barrow, Alaska.
Fokker Super Universal aircraft in northern Manitoba.
Court May sitting in Katherine Stinson's airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
John Bythell, pilot for Canadian Airways Limited.
Katherine Stinson's plane taking off, Edmonton, Alberta.
Airplane in flight over Edmonton exhibition grounds, Edmonton, Alberta.
Katherine Stinson and her airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
First official prairie mail flight loading at Edmonton, Alberta.
Wreck of Consolidated Fleetstar after crashing into hanger in Calgary, Alberta.
Armstrong-Whitworth Siskin at Edmonton, Alberta.
Walter Gilbert and Rudy Heuss, bush pilots with mail airplane.
Group of bush pilots and crews.
Corporal William 'Billy' Bishop, Victoria Cross winner and war ace.
Katherine Stinson, Edmonton, Alberta.
Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May, pilot, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May, pilot and Jack Bowen airplane mechanic, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Aerial view of police and Albert Johnson during chase, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Airplane unloading supplies at Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan.
Ormer Locklear and Viola Dana, aviation performers, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Hugh Robinson's pusher-type Curtiss airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
Paul Calder's airplane found when it made a forced landing.
David Cardinal and his wife, Cree, from Calling River, Alberta.
Murphy Services Limited camp, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Sergeant C. Neary, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Hudson's Bay Company schooner 'Aklavik' being beached for the winter at Bernard Harbour, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Lieutenant Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May, of Edmonton, Alberta.
Mercy flight at Peace River, en route to Fort Vermilion, Alberta.
Hugh Robinson's pusher-type Curtiss airplane, Edmonton, Alberta.
H. C. Neal, postal inspector on first air mail flight to Camsell River, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Chipewyan children with toy sled.
Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Norman Hancock, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Transferring mail from airplane to dog team at Fort Smith, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Inspector A. N. Eames and Corporal R. S. Wild, Alklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
K. H. 'Frank' Lang, trapper in Aklavik area, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Wiley Post and Will Rogers in Lockheed Orion, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May and Vic Horner leaving on mercy flight with serum for Fort Vermilion, Alberta.
Lieutenant Wilfred Reid 'Wop' May, of Edmonton, Alberta.
Members of Royal Canadian Signals Corps, Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Bringing remains of crashed airplane from Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Lockheed Vega in California before being purchased by Wop May.
Quartermaster R. F. Riddell, Royal Canadian Signals Corps, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindbergh, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Albert Johnson's cabin on Rat River, Northwest Territories (NWT) after being destroyed by Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Inspector A. N. Eames, Commanding officer for Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Inuit sled loaded with supplies at Bernard Harbour, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Airplane and dog team on Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Mining pitchblends ore at Eldorado Mine, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories (NWT).
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