Mrs. A.E. Lounsbury reads in personally furnished nursing home, Calgary, Alberta.
Extra issued by Calgary Herald.
Security and Defence Forum (SDF) performance measurement report, April 1998 to March 1999
Group of Plains Cree.
Blackfoot camp at Blackfoot Crossing, Alberta.
Front page of Calgary Tribune, Calgary, Alberta.
Panoramic view of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and steamer 'Northcote'
Mrs. W. Cyprian Pinkham, wife of Bishop Pinkham, and child, Calgary, Alberta.
Lawrence William Herchmer, Commissioner of the North-West Mounted Police, 1886-1900.
Kootenay family, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Men's and ladies' hockey team at Canmore, Alberta.
Family of Ojibwa at Red River, Manitoba.
Tsimshian family in front of their home, northwest coast, British Columbia.
Mrs. Margaret Baker Macleod.
Helen Rothney Macleod.
Boating party near Banff, Alberta.
Peter A. Prince home, Calgary, Alberta.
Reverend John Mclean, first Anglican Bishop of Saskatchewan.
Hull's Terrace, Calgary, Alberta.
Front page of Calgary Weekly Herald, Calgary, Alberta.
Helen Macleod Cross, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. C. G. Kinnisten's residence, Calgary, Alberta.
Old Auntie', Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Hudson's Bay Company mill at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
View of Victoria, British Columbia and Hudson's Bay Company post.
A Metis farm, Winnipeg area, Manitoba.
Metis being pulled by horse in sled going to Lac La Biche for New Year's celebrations.
Front page of Alberta Tribune, Calgary, Alberta.
View of the Peace River, Alberta.
'Calgary Herald', page, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of E. T. Galt, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Sheep ranch in southern Alberta.
Medal presented to Alberta school children, back view.
Interior of first Anglican mission church on Blackfoot reserve
Three forks of the Missouri River in Montana.
Braemar Lodge, Calgary, Alberta.
Riel Rebellion telegram, from J.S. Stewart in Calgary, Alberta to Duncan Campbell, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Interior of Canadian Pacific Railway colonist car, showing passengers, seats, and sleeping berths.
Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Residence of Clifford T. Jones, Calgary, Alberta.
Rocky Mountain Development Company camp, Waterton area, Alberta.
Rocky Mountains from Elbow River, Alberta.
Panoramic view of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and steamer 'Northcote'.
Plan of Fort Normandeau at Red Deer River crossing, Alberta.
Map of Crowsnest Irrigation District, Alberta.
Sketches of Gargoyles on Calgary Herald building, Calgary, Alberta.
Sir John Franklin's expedition making camp on Methy Portage, North Saskatchewan.
Illustrations of various styles of the beaver hat.
Council between Assiniboines and U.S. Governor Isaac I. Stevens, Mouse River area, Dakota Territory.
'Plan of Township No. 21 Range 26 West of 4th. Meridian'.
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