Crowd greeting Duke of York on main street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Treaty party camp on the Peace River, Alberta.
Klondikers trekking up the Peace River, Alberta.
White Owl, Cree chief.
A group of Cree people in full dress, Saskatchewan.
Cree at encampment, Hobbema, Alberta.
A Doukhobor hotel in Saskatchewan.
Performing elephant at Barnum Brothers circus in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
View of Winnipeg across the river from St. Boniface, Manitoba.
A totem in British Columbia.
Ojibwa women in canoe, northern Manitoba.
Coyotes feeding on carcass, southern Alberta.
Ojibwa in birch park canoe, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The old City Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Oxen and wagon with settlers at Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The stone gate to Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Group of Cree women and children, Saskatchewan.
Duke of York at city hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
A group of Doukhobor pilgrims near Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Group of Beaver people on the Peace River, Alberta.
Sod house in central Saskatchewan.
Address of welcome being read to Duke of York at City Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Sanatorium Hotel and Hospital, Banff, Alberta.
Cree dancer, Saskatchewan.
Doukhobors pulling a cart at Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Litters used by Doukhobors marching to Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Three Cree hunters in winter capotes in Manitoba.
Monument to Louis Riel, located on the Manitoba legislative grounds, on the banks of the Assiniboine River, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
St. Boniface hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Studio of Edward J. C. Smith, 499 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Trading post on Upper Peace River, Alberta.
A Cree chief at Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.
Clearing a snowdrift to release stalled Canadian Pacific Railway train, Regina, Assiniboia.
Group of Doukhobor women pulling a plough, Yorkton area, Saskatchewan.
A Tlingit totem, Ketchikan, Alaska.
A Tlingit totem, Ketchikan, Alaska.
Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
Parade during visit of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Courthouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Canadian Pacific Railway train snowed in for two days, Regina, Assiniboia.
Group of Doukhobor pilgrims, Yorkton area, Saskatchewan.
Doukhobors at Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Grace Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Group of eastern European settlers at Rat Portage, [Kenora], Ontario.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 927 at Regina, Saskatchewan.
Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, with eleven northern dog trains in front of house.
St. John's College, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Fishing through the ice on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Interior of Canadian Pacific Railway roundhouse, ice covered locomtive 30, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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