Constable Turcott, North West Mounted Police, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.
Construction of Imperial Oil Calgary Refinery, Ogden, Alberta.
South Calgary, Alberta.
The Church of the Latter Day Saints Temple [Mormon Temple], Cardston, Alberta.
Major-General Sam Steele inspecting soldiers of the 50th Battalion, Calgary, Alberta.
Horse Shoe Ranch, Caseleyville, Alberta.
Horse Shoe Ranch, Caseleyville, Alberta.
Men on horseback, Caseleyville, Alberta.
Staff Sergeant H. F. 'Earl' Hersey, Royal Canadian Signals Corps, Aklavik, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Sides of beef hanging from scaffolding at Springfield Ranch, Beynon, Alberta.
J. Burr Tyrrell about to leave Fort Churchill, Manitoba.
Andrew Young and his wife beside their log house, Haneyville area, Alberta.
Frank Maxan farm, north of Talbot, Alberta.
Sutton farm, Caseleyville, Alberta.
Damaged mine cars, Alexo Coal Company Limited, Alexo, Alberta.
Home of E. G. May, near Eau Claire Flats, Section 16, Calgary, Alberta.
Crowd watching entertainment at Menzies Esso service station, Calgary, Alberta.
Ernest Gundry May, Calgary, Alberta.
Building a log stable on Boorne's homestead, Bird's Hill, Manitoba.
Soccer team, Lille, Alberta.
Pupils at Normal Practice school, Calgary, Alberta.
Wedding of Ernest Gundry May and Eliza Mary Paice, English Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Sarcee camp with travois, Bragg Creek, Alberta.
Claude Gardiner, rancher.
Sarcee woman butchering blackleg cattle at the ranch of E. G. May, Bragg Creek, Alberta.
Mrs. Ernest G. May, Calgary, Alberta.
Helen A. J. Shaw; at 14 years, (later Mrs. Malcolm T. Millar).
Bob Meneice log cabin, Nanton area, Alberta.
Buffalo skinner at work, Northern Montana, USA.
Cree mother and daughter, Peace River Landing, Alberta.
History of Manitoba from the Earliest Settlement to 1835
Colonel James F. Macleod.
Stoney man, Morley, Alberta.
Sarcee woman butchering blackleg cattle at the ranch of E. G. May, Bragg Creek, Alberta.
Boorne and May's studio, Calgary, Alberta.
Anglican Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Streetcar 11 at City Park, Edmonton, Alberta.
Houses along 12th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta.
Men watching cattle weighing at community cattle sale, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Narrow gauge locomotive of North Western Coal and Navigation Company, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Mountain sheep, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Rotary Club picnic, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Maltman Shaw.
W. Hanson Boorne, pioneer Calgary, Alberta, photographer.
Sleigh driving, Red River territory, Manitoba.
Cadogan Block, built by R. C. Thomas on corner of 8th Avenue and 2nd Street, on site of his old feed stables, Calgary, Alberta
Sarcee encampment, Bragg Creek, Alberta.
Aerial view of Port O'Call Inn, Calgary, Alberta.
Setukkomuccon (Jim Big Plume), Sarcee (Tsuut'ina).
Repair to Kemano-Kitimat transmission line. British Columbia.
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