Roderick McFarlane, chief factor, Hudson's Bay Company.
Catherine (nee McBeth) and Thomas McKay, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Horace Belanger, Hudson's Bay Company factor.
Gilbert McKay, Saskatchewan pioneer.
Walter J. S. Traill.
Saskatchewan' River boat at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Reverend H. B. Steinhauer, First Nations Methodist missionary.
Mr. W. R. Flett.
William Edward Traill, chief trader, Hudson's Bay Company, Lac la Biche, Alberta.
Big Bear, Cree.
Robert Campbell, 1808-1894, Hudson's Bay Company explorer and factor.
Cree people near Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Mrs. George McDougall.
Mrs. Richard Hardisty
Bishop John McLean, 1828-1886.
Donald McLean, Hudson's Bay Company.
Eleanor Young.
Donald Ross, Hudson's Bay Company.
Cattle near Thomas McKay's farm, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Mrs. Samuel P. Matheson.
Archibald McDonald, 1836-1915, Hudson's Bay Company factor.
Thomas McKay, farmer near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Roland Strickland, Lakefield, Ontario.
Laurence Clarke, Junior, Calgary, Alberta
Walrond Cattle Ranch round-up crew, Alberta.
James McKay, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
E. J. Lawrence and family.
W. F. Butler, 1838-1910, soldier and writer.
Catherine (nee McBeth) McKay, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Members of McKay family, Meskanaw, Saskatchewan.
Henry 'Harry' Traill, Red River, Manitoba.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. S. Traill.
Mrs. Laurence Clarke and son, Douglas.
Archbishop S. P. Matheson, 1852-1942.
Lydia Christie.
McKay family, Saskatchewan.
Gervase Edward Gale, Anglican missionary, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
James McKay and friends.
William McTavish, Hudson's Bay Company factor and governor.
Chief Factor James McDougall, Hudson's Bay Company.
Canon Edward Ahenekew, Cree.
Provincial Synod of Rupert's Land group at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Laurence Clarke (senior) and daughters, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Walter J. S. Traill.
Thomas McKay, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Mrs. William McKay and daughters.
Mrs. William McKay and family, Saskatchewan.
Physical Education Building expansion, design development report
Triumphal arch welcoming Prince of Wales, Regina, Saskatchewan.
Royalite compressor plant and separators, Turner Valley, Alberta
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