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Miss Young in the character of Ethelinda
Mr. Roger Kemble
Mr. Charles Mathews, Comedian
Miss Tyrer
Mr. H. Johnston
Mr. Smith in the character Alexander
Mr. Holman
William Dimond, Esq.
Mr. Power as Murtoch Delany
Mrs. Hartley
Image 6
Mr. Bensely in the character of Mahomet
Mr. Dowton as Colonel Oldboy
Panel 11
Mr. Charles Banister, comedian, in the character of Steady in the Quaker
Mrs. Edwin as Letitia Hardy
Miss Tree, as Ariel
Mr Lewis in the character of Hippolitus
Mr. Moody as Teague, and Mr. Parsons as Obadiah
Mrs. Mattocks in the character of Elvira
Don Alonzo
Joe Miller in the character of Teague
Mr. C. Taylor as Major Galbraith
Miss E. Bolton as Julia in Twenty Years Ago
Mr. Lovegrove, of the Theatre Royal Lyceum
Mr. Powell in the character of Cyrus
Miss Younge in the character of Merope
Mr. William Parsons, Comedian
Miss Graddon
Panel 11
Mr. Henderson in the character of Don John
Mr. Lewis, of the Theatre Covent Garden
Panel 11
Mr. Kemble as Bajazet
Mr. Russell as Jerry Sneak
Mr. Sinclair as Apollo in Midas
Mr. Cooper as Barnwell
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Costume Design
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