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Pilot Mtn.
At Johnson Canyon, Banff.
At Johnson Canyon.
Mt. Eisenhower from Johnson Canyon
Hole in the Wall, Banff.
On-road to Lake Louise.
The Tea Room, Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper Park
Miette Hot Springs Jasper Park
Cascade Mtn. Banff Village.
Chateau Lake Louise.
Mt. Rundle and Vermillion Lakes.
Summer Snow Storm. Lake Louise.
Mts. Saddleback and Aberdeen. Lake Louise.
Mt. Hector. Lake Louise Auto Rd.
Banff Avenue.
The University of Calgary 1996/97 international student handbook
Second Century Week - the university students' major Centennial project: a review of the events hosted by the University of Calgary
The Ballroom Towards Convervatory. Banff Springs Hotel.
The Lounge. Banff Springs Hotel.
The Lounge. Banff Spring s Hotel.
A record of discussions and actions regarding the location of a Faculty of Environmental Design
A guide to the Department of Educational Foundations, University of Calgary
Banff Avenue.
Bow Valley and Banff Springs Hotel.
Report to the President on the guided field trip (Geography 312, Mexico: the land and the people)
A plan for a public community junior college for Calgary
Bow Valley and Banff Springs Hotel.
Banff Springs Hotel and Bow Valley.
Banff Springs Hotel.
Lake Minnewanka. Banff.
Massive Range. Banff.
Mt. Temple From Lake Louise Auto Rd.
Banff Avenue.
Environmental Sciences Centre at Kananaskis: the long term development guide and detailed program for the next stage
Hot Springs. Banff.
Upper Hot Springs. Banff.
Mt. Stephen Hall. Banff Springs Hotel.
Swimming Pool. Banff Springs Hotel.
Mt. Rundle.
Cascade Mtn. Banff.
Mt. Rundle From Bow River Bridge.
Bow Falls.
Chateau Lake Louise.
Mt. Rundle. Banff.
Mt. Rundle. Banff.
Lake Louise.
[The Great Divide]
Banff Ave From Bridge.
Banff Ave. From Bridge.
Mt. Eisenhower
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