Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1928
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1962
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 2001
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1996
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1946
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 2000
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1980
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1951
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1911
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1927
Hardisty, AB. Bylaws, 1922
Confidential letter from James A. Grahame, Fort Garry to Richard Hardisty, Edmonton House.
Mount Hardisty and Mount Geikie, Alberta.
Mount Royal Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
King Edward Hotel, Hardisty, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police post, Calgary, Alberta.
Sir Cecil Edward Denny, 1850-1928.
John Brazeau, Metis, North-west Mounted Police, interpreter, Calgary, Alberta.
Field and Mount Stephen, Yoho National Park, British Columbia.
Inauguration Day, Edmonton, Alberta, and swearing in of Lieutenant-Governor George Hedley Vicars Bulyea.
Royal North-west Mounted Police barracks square, Calgary, Alberta.
Mounted Blackfoot at Shaganappi Point, Calgary, Alberta.
Construction of Calgary Power Company Kananaskis Falls dam, Bow River, Alberta.
Calgary Power Company construction site at Horseshoe Falls dam, Seebe area, Kananaskis, Alberta.
200 Remarkable Alberta Women
Early Medicine in Alberta : The First Seventy-Five Years
Mrs. Pierre Decheneau and descendants, Metis, North Battleford, Saskatchewan.
Mount Stephen House, Field, Yoho National Park, British Columbia.
Edmonton golf club, Edmonton, Alberta.
Mount Hardisty, Jasper National Park, Alberta.
Alberta Hansard1975 index Jan. 23-Feb. 14
Alberta Gazette 1938, part 1
Alberta Gazette 1918
Alberta Gazette 1917, Part 1
Place Names of Alberta. Volume III. Central Alberta
Alberta Gazette 1953
Alberta Gazette 1908
Alberta Gazette 1935
Alberta Gazette 1922
The Bawlf Banner 1947-03-20 - 1949-11-30
Alberta Journals, 1967, 15th Leg., 5th Sess.
Diamond Jubilee of McDougall United Church, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1871-1931
Alberta Gazette 1914, part 1
Piegan post and the Blackfoor trade
Annual report of the Department of Public Health, Province of Alberta. 1958
Alberta newspapers, 1880-1982
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