Indian agent's house, Stoney reserve, Morley, Alberta.
View of Royal Canadian Mounted Police travelling through Morley, Alberta.
Stoney man, Morley, Alberta.
Buick automobile, near Bowfort Creek, Alberta.
Stoney men on ferry over Bow River, Alberta.
Stoney people, Morley, Alberta.
Ice boat on Ghost Lake, Morley area, Alberta.
First service station at Bowfort Creek, Alberta.
Hauling logs for James Richards' lumber mill north of Morley, Alberta.
Avro airplane at Morley Airdrome, Alberta.
Cattle on Stoney reserve, Morley, Alberta.
Andrew Sibbald, Banff, Alberta.
Moyer cars in mud flats at Morley, Alberta.
Log carriers at Eau Claire Lumber Company camp, Morley area, Alberta.
Two Stoney riders on mountain side.
Trail riders' base camp, Canadian Rockies, Alberta.
Bare back riding competition at rodeo, Morley, Alberta.
Calf roping event at rodeo, Morley, Alberta.
Cattle round-up approaching the corrals in the Alberta foothills.
Stoney cowboys at rodeo, Morley, Alberta.
J. Fred Scott, with pack horse, Morley reserve, Alberta.
Stoney camp and village, Morley, Alberta.
Reverend John McDougall and his wife in Calgary parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Loads of logs from Eau Claire Lumber Company camp, Morley area, Alberta.
Reverend and Mrs. John McDougall in a car.
Taking supplies and horses to James Richards' lumber mill north of Morley, Alberta.
View of Morley, Alberta.
Packing up for the mountains at Morley, Alberta.
Blackfoot men and Reverend John McDougall on horseback in Calgary parade.
Elizabeth and Judas Huter. Stoney's at Lazy JL ranch.
J. Simeon, Stoney and family at Morley, Alberta.
Tom Wilson and Morley Beaver, Stoney.
Reverend George Wood and Sam Wigmore near Morley, Alberta.
Chief Hector Crawler and Mrs. Hector Crawler, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
Mounted Blackfoot at Shaganappi Point, Calgary, Alberta.
View of Morley, Alberta.
Health services for the Native Canadian, Morley Reserve, Alberta
Mail stage at Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York visiting Calgary, Alberta.
Howard E. Sibbald, Banff, Alberta.
Stoney group, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Stoney's receiving payment for oil lease rights in their reserve.
John Hunter, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
Stoney sweat bath, Morley, Alberta.
Stoney people, Kootenay Plains, Alberta.
Stoney people, Lake Wabamun, Alberta.
Hunter twins, Stoney, Morley, Alberta.
Inauguration Day, Edmonton, Alberta, and swearing in of Lieutenant-Governor George Hedley Vicars Bulyea.
Smith's Landing, Slave River, Alberta.
Parade of South African war soldiers on Stephen Avenue, Calgary, Alberta.
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